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Introducing Grammarly’s New Tone Rewrite Suggestions

Updated on October 26, 2022Product
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Whether it’s email, Slack messages, texts, or proposals, most of our interactions happen through writing. But written communication can easily be misunderstood or misconstrued by the reader, especially when it comes to tone. That means it’s crucial to get the tone of your message just right. Among the most defining characteristics of writing, tone creates an impression that influences how the reader feels about what you write.  

That’s why Grammarly is amplifying tone detection with tone rewrite suggestions. This new feature ensures your message is not only well-received but also comes across as personable, constructive, and confident—even during difficult conversations—so you can build productive relationships and get results.

Get your tone just right
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Benefits of AI tone enhancement 

A Grammarly Premium feature, tone rewrite suggestions identify sentences where tone may be misinterpreted by the reader and offer emotionally intelligent rewrite options so you can make adjustments to avoid miscommunication before hitting send. With tone playing such a vital role in effective communication, tone rewrite suggestions put you in control of your message. So, collaborating with teammates and nurturing work relationships is easy—resulting in successful projects.

Support clear thinking and optimism

By providing sentence rewrites that focus on the solution rather than the problem, Grammarly helps you constructively and positively frame messages. Delivering bad news, whether it’s project delays, poor results, or missed opportunities, is sometimes necessary. However, by using a positive, solution-focused message, you can maintain collaborators’ trust and quickly solve problems. Conversely, negatively framed sentences that put too much focus on the problem may come across as blaming or overly critical. 

For example, the sentence “We are unsure of the potential impact of this project” is indecisive and doesn’t provide the possibility of a next step. After using tone rewrite suggestions, the sentence could be rewritten: “We need to find out the potential impact of this project.” The revised tone empowers the reader to take action and help discover the project’s impact.

An email draft that reads "Let me know if you can't finish the sales presentation", with an accompanying Grammarly tone suggestion edit that reads "Let me know if you need help finishing the sales presentation". The tone suggestion rephrases the email draft to make the resulting tone more positive.

Convey self-confidence and build trust

When there’s a need to maintain trust in challenging situations or when proposing a new plan or idea, many professionals struggle to sound confident and persuasive. Our advanced tone suggestions target sentences for rewrites that noticeably lack confidence, offering constructive feedback while remaining empathetic, so you can help teams succeed without creating tension. 

Using a more confident tone helps build trust and aligns colleagues. Take this sentence: “The campaign results have not met expectations, but I have some adjustments I think we can make to possibly improve performance.” The writer doesn’t sound confident that making the adjustments will necessarily improve performance. Using tone rewrite suggestions, it could instead read, “The campaign results have not met expectations, but I have some adjustments we can make to improve performance.” The rewrite strikes a more confident, definitive tone.   

Express friendliness and approachability

When using a neutral business tone, some professionals struggle to hit the right note and may unintentionally sound impersonal or robotic. With tone rewrite suggestions, you can convey the right level of warmth and approachability by offering a friendlier, more personable tone that fosters connection. 

For example, in deals or negotiations, creating a connection could help close a deal faster or move a project forward. The following sentence may sound impersonal and stiff: “Your prompt attention to this is needed.” After using tone rewrite suggestions, it could read, “I would greatly appreciate your quick attention to this.” Revisions like this ensure the message sounds warm and considerate and is well-received.

Tone matters

When you’re communicating for work, the tone of your writing matters. Tone rewrite suggestions help deliver an emotional impact for the reader—ensuring your writing moves projects forward while building positive, professional relationships. Get tone rewrite suggestions when you sign up for Grammarly Premium—along with all Premium features, including clarity-focused sentence rewrites, word choice, formality level, and more.

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