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Grammarly’s Mobile Synonyms Help You Find the Perfect Word on the Go

Updated on December 9, 2020Product

This article was originally published on August 20, 2019.

Writing on your phone often means writing on the go. It means typing fast, maybe while doing something else at the same time—but it doesn’t have to mean sloppy writing. You might already know that Grammarly’s mobile keyboard makes it easy to compose high-quality, mistake-free text even when you’re on the move. Today we’re enhancing the experience, introducing something new . . . and fresh, and different, and distinctive, and notable.


Synonyms are coming to the Grammarly Keyboard!

Next time you’re typing away with the Grammarly Keyboard, stop—no, not stop . . . halt? No, pause! That’s the word we’re looking for—pause for a moment to see a list of synonyms for the word you just typed. Multiple options for alternative words will appear along the top of your keyboard. If you’d like to see synonyms for a word you typed earlier, just move your cursor and the suggestions will change accordingly. It’s a terrific (and convenient) way to diversify your vocabulary and possibly even discover new words. After all, sometimes a few well-chosen words can transform a bland message into an exciting one.  

To turn the Grammarly Keyboard’s synonym feature on and off, open up Grammarly’s companion app on your phone. Navigate to Grammarly Settings and tap the switch next to Synonyms. 

We think it’s pretty awesome. Great? Grand? No, we think it’s magnificent, and we hope you do, too. A word of warning though—scrolling through those synonyms can be awfully intriguing fascinating engrossing. Make sure you don’t forget to actually send that text!

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