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How Grammarly Helps You Hone the Delivery of Your Writing | Grammarly Spotlight

Updated on September 28, 2020Product

Project debriefs, planning sessions, and brainstorms that might occur in meetings can also happen over email, through a series of instant messages, or in threads of comments in a document. In those cases, you have to increasingly be able to convey your tone and intent through writing.

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Grammarly Premium helps you deliver the right message.

It can be daunting to rely on writing for things that you might otherwise communicate in person. Without careful thought, nuance and meaning can get lost in translation. Luckily, Grammarly Premium’s delivery suggestions can help you articulate the meaning you’re trying to get across—here’s how. 

Impart confidence

A senior colleague wants your opinion on an upcoming project and asks you to comment on the project plan. You have great feedback to offer that could shape the process. But you might not get your full point across if you unwittingly minimize your message. 

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Grammarly Premium can help catch common phrases that keep you from communicating to your full potential. Hedging language—phrases like “I think,” “maybe,” “just,” and other qualifiers—can keep readers from feeling the full impact of your statements. Instead, our Premium delivery suggestions help you cut certain phrases and strengthen your language to make sure you get your point across.

Hedging: I think we should build in more time to allow for unexpected blockers.

Confident: Let’s build in more time to allow for unexpected blockers.

Keep it buttoned up

You might not need to mind all your p’s and q’s with your closest peers 100 percent of the time. But with most colleagues, you want to sound sharp and polished. Writing that you’re “gonna” follow up instead of “going to” might not seem like a big issue, but enough shorthand and slang can feel inappropriately casual depending on your audience. In addition, breaking some grammar rules that might be ignorable colloquially can be perceived as unprofessional.

Grammarly Premium can help you monitor the level of formality in your writing. You can set goals for what you’re writing, including the audience that you’re writing for, so that Grammarly’s suggestions can tell you when it’s really important not to split your infinitives.

Informal: Let’s be sure to continuously monitor our results.

Formal: Let’s be sure to monitor our results continuously.

Stay empathetic

Writing to different audiences requires tact and empathy for each reader. No one wants to accidentally offend someone in their efforts to communicate important information. 

Grammarly Premium’s delivery suggestions can help you realize when you might sound demanding instead of assertive, so your reader will be more receptive to your requests. Some suggestions can also help you catch language that might not be as inclusive as you intended.

Demanding: You need to think about the impact this has on our audience.

Polite: It would be best if you thought about the impact this has on our audience.

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