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Ushering in a New Era of Communication Assistance With Generative AI

Today, we announced to the world the release of Grammarly’s on-demand, contextually aware assistant powered by generative AI. With Grammarly’s generative AI assistance, we’ll be changing the way people and businesses communicate and get work done by accelerating productivity where writing happens.

Effective communication is transformative. It’s how we share new ideas, advocate for change, and build connections. And when done right, communication empowers businesses to operate efficiently and achieve ambitious goals. We’ve been focused on our mission to improve lives by improving communication for well over a decade. And we’ve always leveraged the latest technical innovations to help solve the real problems our customers face.

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We’re building on that legacy with Grammarly’s generative AI features, which help people and businesses succeed with on-demand communication assistance, whether they are starting from scratch or revising an existing piece of writing. Grammarly will uniquely offer relevant, contextually aware suggestions that account for personal voice and brand style while staying true to our augmented intelligence philosophy to keep customers in control of their experience. Grammarly’s generative AI assistance will enable customers to save time, enhance their creativity, and get more done—helping individuals achieve their potential and enterprises transform how they work.

What can you do with Grammarly’s generative AI assistance?

Grammarly provides on-demand generative AI communication assistance directly in the apps where people write. Whether in an email thread or a long-form document, Grammarly is right there with you and your teams during the writing process. Grammarly understands context to quickly generate high-quality, task-appropriate writing and revisions.

With Grammarly’s generative AI assistance, individuals and businesses can:

  • Rewrite for tone, clarity, and length: Transform writing to be clear and on target, whatever the context.
  • Compose: Type a prompt and watch Grammarly compose high-quality writing, saving time finding the perfect words.
  • Ideate: Unblock writing with Grammarly as an AI ideation partner and unlock creativity with Grammarly’s outlines and brainstorms, generated from prompts.
  • Reply intelligently: Flow through emails quickly with Grammarly’s generative AI assistance, which understands an email’s context and instantly drafts a thoughtful reply.

What makes Grammarly’s generative AI unique?

Grammarly is uniquely positioned to deliver a personalized, high-quality generative AI experience. We go beyond standard generative AI by producing text that is specifically relevant and effective for each customer.

  • Create using unique context: Create high-quality writing with generative AI that understands personal and organizational context, writing style, and goals.
  • Personalize your voice: Grammarly lets you set your preferred voice and a professional role, so the writing it generates is personalized.
  • Use suggested prompts to guide writing: Grammarly uses unique context to suggest relevant prompts for jump-starting or improving writing.
  • Work securely, with generative AI you can trust: Confidently use generative AI that’s built with high standards for enterprise data security, user privacy, and responsible AI.
  • Write faster, in the flow of work: Speed up composition in existing workflows and reduce time spent on revisions, so teams can focus on high-value work.

The next chapter of Grammarly’s product vision

Grammarly’s AI-enabled communication assistance has long helped people and teams communicate more effectively with suggestions that make their writing clearer, more concise, and more compelling. With generative AI, we can move beyond the editing stage to support our users across the entire communication lifecycle, including conception and composition. Paired with the high standards of privacy, security, responsibility, and quality that we’ve prioritized for over a decade, generative AI allows Grammarly to further deliver on our promise of communication assistance that improves peoples’ lives.

Download Grammarly today to try its generative AI assistance, which is available to all Grammarly Premium, Grammarly Business, and Grammarly for Education (higher education) customers, as well as users of Grammarly’s free plan in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Poland, and Ukraine.

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