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Grammarly vs. ProWritingAid: Which AI Writing Solution Is Better for You?

Updated on March 26, 2024Product

For more than 15 years, professionals have used Grammarly to help improve their writing and get work done faster. More recently, rapid developments in AI writing technology are increasing the number of AI-powered writing tools on the market. And that’s great for innovation. These tools are helping revolutionize communication at work and beyond by providing clarity suggestions and style enhancements and ensuring that written content meets high standards.

But not all AI writing tools are created equal. In this article, we outline the commonalities and differences between Grammarly and ProWritingAid to help you make an informed decision about which AI writing partner best meets your needs.

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Grammarly vs. ProWritingAid overview

ProWritingAid and Grammarly are both popular AI-powered writing tools that help people improve their writing, but they have a few key differences in terms of features, plan structures, and the types of writing the tools are designed for. While ProWritingAid is primarily used by creative writers, Grammarly serves a broader audience, helping professionals and students alike boost their professional writing skills and communicate effectively in various contexts.


More than 30 million people and 70,000+ teams trust Grammarly with their writing and data. The AI-powered writing partner has been helping professionals improve their writing for over a decade. Its features make it easy to produce clear, confident communication wherever you type, and its privacy practices, security measures, and responsible AI commitments keep your information safe.

Grammarly works across more than 500,000 apps and websites—more than any other AI writing partner—so professionals can get strategic suggestions on clarity, conciseness, grammar, word choice, tone, and more wherever work happens. You can use Grammarly to connect your workplace apps so you can take the next step in your workflow, without copying, pasting, and toggling between tabs.

Work smarter with Grammarly
The AI writing partner for anyone with work to do


ProWritingAid also supports communication at work, but it was originally designed for aspiring authors and creative writers looking for nuanced feedback on writing style, readability, and sentence structure. It offers niche features, such as the ability to compare your writing with the writing of famous authors.

Like Grammarly, ProWritingAid integrates with popular writing platforms like Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and Scrivener.

Grammarly vs. ProWritingAid Feature Comparison

While ProWritingAid and Grammarly share some functionality, Grammarly offers more free features. Here are some of the free features you can only get with Grammarly:

Free Features Grammarly ProWritingAid
Unlimited writing assistance

Get suggestions on grammar, spelling, and punctuation without word count limits.

100 AI prompts per month

Generate ideas, create outlines, summarize documents, and reply to emails with more AI prompts.

Tone detection

Understand how your text sounds to your audience, wherever you write, so you can feel confident that your message will be well received.

App actions

Access GIPHY and Unsplash wherever you use Grammarly, so you can craft engaging messages without switching apps or losing focus.

Work smarter with Grammarly
The AI writing partner for anyone with work to do

In addition to the free features, Grammarly offers a number of paid features that differ from ProWritingAid. Here’s how these features stack up:

Paid Features Grammarly ProWritingAid
1,000 AI prompts per month

Generate ideas, create outlines, summarize documents, and reply to emails with even more AI prompts.

Tone adjustments

Change the tone of your writing to sound engaging, persuasive, confident, and more—with a single click.

Unlimited plagiarism checks

Create original and thoroughly cited work every time with unlimited plagiarism detection.

More app actions

Access your top workplace apps wherever you use Grammarly, so you can get more done without switching apps, copy and pasting, or toggling between tabs.

Team features

Present a united front with your team with unlimited style guide terms, brand tones, and Knowledge Share. Plus, unlimited AI prompts!


While ProWritingAid does offer some of the free and paid features listed above, its offerings are more restricted and—in some cases, like the plagiarism check—require additional cost.

What Grammarly and ProWritingAid have in common

Grammarly and ProWritingAid share several commonalities as AI writing tools, highlighting the companies’ commitment to enhancing writing proficiency.

Both writing tools offer comprehensive writing suggestions that go beyond grammar and spelling correction. In addition to suggestions that enhance clarity, both tools can detect the tone of your writing, which can help your writing sound more confident, friendly, and more.

Grammarly and ProWritingAid focus on the English language, and both tools leverage generative AI to provide personalized writing suggestions. Grammarly provides more free generative AI prompts per month and offers unlimited plagiarism checks to all paying customers. ProWritingAid charges extra for plagiarism detection.

Both tools allow you to purchase advanced plans that come with collaborative writing features like style guides, but ProWritingAid offers less functionality to professional teams. For instance, ProWritingAid limits the team plan to 1,000 terms, while Grammarly offers unlimited style guide rules and plagiarism checks.

How Grammarly and ProWritingAid are different

Grammarly and ProWritingAid have a few notable differences, especially when you ask customers and consider the size of each tool’s user base. Over 30 million users and 70,000 teams use Grammarly, which has been the leading AI writing provider since it launched in 2009. ProWritingAid, on the other hand, emerged on the market in 2012 and serves a smaller set of more niche consumers.

According to TrustRadius, Grammarly boasts a higher score of 9.2 out of 10 based on over 300 reviews, while ProWritingAid lags slightly with a score of 8.7 based on a little over 40 reviews. Similarly, on G2, Grammarly maintains a higher rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars from over 8,400 reviews, while ProWritingAid receives a rating of 4.5 with fewer than 50 reviews. These metrics suggest a larger user base and greater satisfaction with Grammarly.

Grammarly offers more robust Premium and Business plans, with exclusive team features, more generative AI prompts each month, and unlimited plagiarism detection for all paying customers.

Grammarly doesn’t have any word count restrictions

Grammarly doesn’t put limits on your creativity or productivity. Even users of the Grammarly Free plan enjoy AI-powered writing assistance on unlimited words, while ProWritingAid restricts usage to 500 words per day on their free plan.

This is an important distinction because, according to Grammarly’s 2024 State of Business Communication, written communication continues to dominate the workplace. Knowledge workers spend 88% of their workweek communicating, with written communication being the largest category.

Grammarly lets you transform your tone in a click

The tone is the mood and attitude that your writing conveys. Both ProWritingAid and Grammarly offer tone detection, but only Grammarly allows you to adjust your tone in a single click. Get suggestions to make your writing sound more assertive, confident, friendly, and more.

Whether you need to express urgency, deliver feedback, or navigate difficult conversations, Grammarly’s tone detection analyzes your word choice, phrasing, punctuation, and even capitalization to ensure you hit the right note. Additionally, the Premium plan will suggest improvements you can accept or dismiss in a single click. Thanks to Grammarly’s in-app feedback and advanced analytics, writers become more aware of their tones over time.

Grammarly lets you use your favorite apps wherever you write

Grammarly works wherever you do, ensuring your writing is on point whether you’re typing in a Word document, an Asana task, or a Slack message. But Grammarly’s AI assistance doesn’t stop there. Grammarly’s new feature app actions allows you to access your top workplace apps wherever you use Grammarly. App actions can help you add a GIF with Giphy, link to Google Drive or Microsoft 365 files, create a ticket in Jira, send availability with Calendly, create a task in Asana, and more—without switching apps or toggling between tabs.

Grammarly Premium includes unlimited plagiarism checks

A key difference between ProWritingAid and Grammarly is how it approaches plagiarism checks. Plagiarism checks are vital for helping businesses avoid copyright infringement while also ensuring that all work is original and properly cited.

Grammarly includes unlimited plagiarism checks as part of its Premium plan. In contrast, ProWritingAid offers plagiarism checks as an add-on feature, requiring users to purchase them separately, even on their paid plans. This difference in approach means that Grammarly customers have the convenience of unlimited plagiarism checks integrated into their subscriptions, while ProWritingAid users may end up spending more money.

ProWritingAid can compare you to famous authors

Catering to its customer base of creative writers and aspiring authors, ProWritingAid allows users to compare their writing to writing from established fiction writers. This feature is fun for those finding their voice or seeking creative inspiration.

Which AI writing solution is better for teams?

Grammarly’s research estimates that teams spend half their week on written communication. That’s why Grammarly focuses on helping teams produce high-quality, on-brand, compliant writing in a few clicks, not a few hours.

Both tools offer enterprise-level features, such as style guides. However, Grammarly is designed with professionals and teams in mind, while ProWritingAid offers a more limited and niche experience primarily for creative writers.


In addition to setting the standard for secure, private, and responsible enterprise-grade AI, Grammarly stands out for its features tailored for enterprise customers. You won’t find the following features anywhere else:

  • Brand tones, which empower entire organizations to present a united front by offering real-time suggestions to help employees stay on-brand
  • Knowledge Share, which helps teams decode confusing acronyms and company jargon by providing inline explanations
  • App actions, which allow you to connect all your workplace apps in Grammarly, so you can create tasks, send files, and share meeting availability, without switching apps or losing focus
  • AI prompts, which help teams get writing tasks done faster
  • Enhanced account roles, permissions, and governance, which equip account managers with everything they need to efficiently manage permissions for their organization


Grammarly’s enterprise solution includes everything ProWritingAid offers, with the exception of on-premise hosting options. These options allow enterprise customers to configure ProWritingAid from their own servers.

Grammarly vs. ProWritingAid: Plans and pricing

Both Grammarly and ProWritingAid offer three tiers of plans with customizable enterprise solutions. At first glance, Grammarly’s tiers may seem a bit more expensive, but if you look at what’s included, Grammarly’s mid-level Premium plan is even more robust than ProWritingAid’s most expensive individual plan. In addition, Grammarly includes unlimited plagiarism checks for all paying customers and more generative AI prompts across the board.


Grammarly offers a range of pricing plans to cater to different needs.

  • The Free plan allows everyone to produce mistake-free writing, understand their tone, and generate text with 100 AI prompts per month.
  • The Premium plan, available through a subscription, provides advanced features like style suggestions, tone adjustments, clarity improvements, and full-sentence rewrites. It catches accidental plagiarism, offers robust integrations with workplace apps, and allows 1,000 generative AI prompts per month.
  • The Business plan, designed specifically for teams, includes everything available in the Premium plan and adds collaborative writing features, like style guides with unlimited rules and terms, and advanced administrative controls. Business plan customers also enjoy 2,000 AI prompts.

For larger organizations and educational institutions, Grammarly provides a concierge enterprise service with customizable solutions for enhancing writing and communication across the organization.


In addition to a free plan, ProWritingAid offers two premium tiers: Premium and Premium Pro. The Premium tier includes a range of features such as comprehensive grammar and spelling checks, style suggestions, and improvements in readability and structure.

However, to unlock generative AI features that are comparable to Grammarly’s paid tiers, ProWritingAid customers need to opt for ProWritingAid’s more expensive Premium Pro plan. Premium Pro gives customers access to numerous generative AI prompts and critiques. And if customers want to check for plagiarism, they must make a separate purchase.

Grammarly vs. ProWritingAid: Which solution is better for you?

With fairly similar pricing, the AI writing partner you choose ultimately depends on your writing and communication needs.

When to choose Grammarly

If you’re looking to improve your writing and communication in any professional or academic setting, Grammarly emerges as the more popular and better-rated tool. Designed to enhance productivity by ensuring mistake-free and impactful writing, Grammarly is already helping more than 30 million people and 70,000+ teams communicate better and get work done faster, thanks to its integration with more than 500,000 web and desktop apps.

Its big investments in robust integrations signal that Grammarly is actively shaping the future of work. As such, Grammarly is also an essential educational tool that helps prepare the next generation of communicators.

Work smarter with Grammarly
The AI writing partner for anyone with work to do

When to choose ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid caters to a user base of creative writers. If you’re working on a novel, you might love its unique features, such as story critiques and author comparisons, and you may not need the advanced collaborative features or generative AI abilities that Grammarly offers.


Those who adeptly integrate AI into their daily writing routines position themselves for heightened productivity and improved writing proficiency. Becoming proficient in AI tools not only makes the writing process more efficient but also provides individuals with a crucial skill set, positioning them advantageously in a world in which technological proficiency is essential for success. By choosing Grammarly, the AI writing partner trusted by more than 3,000 educational institutions and a third of Fortune 500 companies, you’re preparing yourself for the future of work.

*Based on product reviews conducted in March 2024.

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