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Write Confidently Across All Your iPhone Apps With Grammarly | Grammarly Spotlight

Updated on January 28, 2022Product
Grammarly iPhone Apps

If you’re already a fan of the Grammarly Keyboard for texts, emails, and social posts, we have great news. We’ve added even more ways to use Grammarly on your iPhone.

Get Grammarly for your iPhone
Write confidently on the go

A mobile version of the Grammarly Editor

That’s right! The Grammarly Editor is now available on iPhone (in addition to iPad). Create and edit long-form documents with ease, even on the go.

Writing a long-form piece on a small screen can be a struggle. It’s easy to hit the wrong keys and end up with typos or other mistakes that you’d normally catch on a larger device. With the Grammarly iPhone Editor, you’ll enjoy a more desktop-like experience on your phone. With a convenient full-screen mode and real-time writing suggestions, you can be confident that your work is clear, polished, and professional.

Grammarly for iPhone: Work in the Cloud

Work seamlessly across devices

Grammarly’s cloud-based document storage means you can start a doc on your computer and finish it up on your phone. Access your saved documents on your computer, iPad, or iPhone anytime, anywhere—all you need is an internet connection.

Grammarly Keyboard for iPhone

The writing feedback you want

Like the Grammarly Keyboard, the Grammarly iPhone Editor provides in-depth feedback on spelling, grammar, and punctuation, as well as clarity suggestions to help you keep your writing readable and succinct. And for Grammarly Premium users, tone and vocabulary suggestions offer precise words and phrases to ensure that readers understand your writing exactly as you mean it.

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Other ways to use Grammarly on the go

When you’re not working on long docs, the Grammarly Keyboard brings Grammarly’s writing suggestions straight to you in any app, so you can enjoy typo-free texts, emails, and tweets. Grammarly’s mobile Safari extension, Grammarly for Safari on iPhone, is a great choice when you write in your favorite web apps. 

Wherever you write, you can rely on Grammarly to help you put your best foot forward.

Your writing, at its best.
Works on all your favorite websites
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