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Stay Focused By Connecting Your Institution’s Essential Apps With Grammarly

Updated on February 14, 2024Educational Institutions

Work and school have become increasingly global, remote, and asynchronous, and technology trying to boost productivity in this environment has resulted in an overload of apps, docs, and messages—leading to siloed or missed information, constant context switching, and compromised work quality for teams.

A 2022 Harvard Business Review study found that up to five weeks, or 9% of professionals’ time at work annually, is lost to workers reorienting themselves after toggling between apps. It’s likely just as high, if not higher, for students, who spend much of their time working on long-form writing assignments that require them to context switch between different websites, databases, and writing surfaces.

Stay on track
App actions keep your institution focused and on task

For example, sending a simple meeting follow-up email involves a multi-app process: composing the email, toggling to other tabs and apps to link in the correct document, linking to schedule a follow-up meeting, navigating to a project management tool to create the related project task, adding the link to the email, and finally hitting send.

Professionals and students are frustrated by the disruption in focus and time wasted by context switching. App actions fix that.

How do app actions work?

App actions centralize the workflows of your faculty, staff, and students by bringing the functionality of their essential apps directly into Grammarly. Now they can get their most important work done faster without distractions from context switching as they perform the many small but important tasks on their to-do lists.

From wherever they are writing, users can open up Grammarly and select the app action they need to take the next step in their workflow. Whether it’s “Find a file in Google Drive” or “Find or add an image from Unsplash,” app actions bring the functionality of their essential tools directly into Grammarly.

Grammarly’s first app actions are available on Grammarly for Chrome and Grammarly for Windows and Mac. Giphy and Unsplash app actions are available for all users. For Grammarly Premium, Teams, and Grammarly for Education users, Grammarly also offers Asana, Jira,, Wrike, Smartsheet, Google Drive, Confluence, Microsoft 365, Calendly, and HubSpot integrations.

To enable your Grammarly for Education institution to start using app actions, admins can turn this new feature on in their admin panel. Each of the following apps has its own listing in the admin panel and can be turned on individually for institutions.

Seamless file sharing

Users can quickly access the file or page they need without the swirl of switching tabs and searching by using app actions for Google Drive, Microsoft 365, and Confluence to search for and link to organization files and pages.

Quickly insert images from wherever you’re working

Users can bring their writing to life by using Giphy and Unsplash app actions to search and insert GIFs and high-quality images from the apps’ extensive content libraries.

Work management at your fingertips

Administrative staff and faculty can manage their work faster by using app actions for Asana, Jira, Wrike,, or Smartsheet to create new project management tasks or search and link to existing ones from wherever they use Grammarly.

Scheduling and CRM management with ease

Professionals working in admissions and fundraising departments can quickly create HubSpot contacts or search for and link to existing ones with the HubSpot app action. Last but not least, they can easily share their availability via Calendly from wherever they use Grammarly.

Connecting workplace tools for increased productivity

Grammarly works where faculty, staff, and students work—across more than 500,000 applications and websites—and now it brings the functionality of crucial workplace apps to them.

Grammarly customer Stacey Roshan, Ed Tech Consultant at Databricks, says, “Grammarly’s app actions help me stay in the zone and churn out good work by putting everything I need at my fingertips so I can stay in the flow and not get lost in other tabs. I can stay on the page where I’m writing while instantly locating a file from Google Drive, inserting the ideal GIF or image, and more.”

Asana, one of Grammarly’s first app actions partners, recently published a report titled “The State of Collaboration Technology: Research-Backed Insights for Decoding Digital Clutter and Resetting Your Tech Stack,” which concludes that organizations can help teams regain efficiency by “craft[ing] a tech ecosystem that truly amplifies productivity.”

David Shackelford, Head of Product Management, Enterprise at Asana says, ”Teams around the globe are plagued by inefficient collaboration, time-consuming meetings and status updates, and the tedium of tracking down information across disparate tools. With the automation that app actions provide, teams can reduce busywork, collaborate more efficiently, and ultimately drive more impact for their organization.”

Secure as ever

App actions combine third-party capabilities with Grammarly’s 14-plus years of best-in-class AI communication assistance—trusted by over 70,000 professional teams—to make communication at work more fluid, effective, and intuitive than ever.

Grammarly’s enterprise-grade security holds true with app actions. Grammarly for Education admins have full control over which app actions are enabled for their team. Grammarly never retains search terms, inputs, and data, and we enforce the highest and most restrictive content safety settings for our third-party partners. Please review our related support article for more information on app actions data sharing.

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