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Bingeing or Binging—Which Is Correct?

When a verb like binge ends with a vowel, how do you add -ing? Should you keep or drop the E?

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Bingeing vs. Binging: Which Spelling Is Correct?

To binge means to overindulge, usually for a brief period. Both binging and bingeing are acceptable, according to dictionaries. However, around 1980, retaining the E became distinctly more popular than dropping it, according to Google Ngram Viewer.

The fraternity put a ban on bingeing on alcohol.

I spent the first day of summer vacation binging on television.

An animated gif of Boo from Monster's Inc. looking sleepy with text that says: Just one more page.


You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that bingeing on junk food is not good for your body.

Still, life does not get much better than curling into bed and binging on a show with a cup of tea. . .

You can correctly choose binging or bingeing, but what about truly or truely? Why not take a moment to learn more about suffixes?

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