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13 Excellent Examples of 280-character Tweets

Updated on November 8, 2017Writing Tips

Twitter shocked the world this week. The social network that made 140 characters a commonly acceptable form of digital interaction has now changed the foundational element of their social platform.

Enter 280-character tweets, as announced in September by Twitter CEO @jack Dorsey.

The rollout of 280-character tweets had many on the Internet thoroughly entertained (among other adjectives being shared) with predictable outrage and wit.

While this post isn’t going to debate the merits of using 140 versus 280 characters, we do want to offer a tip of the cap to those who offered something unique with two times the amount of space to be creative and craft compelling copy.

(That is, of course, something we tend to admire over here at Grammarly…)

So without further ado, we present, without judgement or interpretation, our favorite 280-character tweets that have been shared so far. Oh, and be sure to scroll to the very end to vote for your favorite.

1. @jimmykimmel

2. @googlearts

3. @OregonZoo

4. @JustinWong

5. @PopeyesChicken

6. @WaterAidUK

7. @feytastic

8. @Mariners

9. @sokane1

10. @NYSE

11. @umterps

12. @Channel4

13. @FLBarbella

Now that you’ve seen our favorite 280-character tweets, it’s time to vote.

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