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10 Hilarious Ways to Wish Someone a Happy Friday

Updated on May 13, 2019Lifestyle

Friday. It’s the stuff of songs and legends. It’s the most celebrated day of the work week, symbolizing an end to the drudgery and a gateway to a weekend full of adventures. A shining beacon of hope to workers, students, and humans everywhere.

Even if you’re wildly in love with your job, the weekend provides a respite, a time to recharge so you can get back to your passion on Monday.

Whether your ideal Friday is a peaceful evening of chamomile tea and Netflix crime dramas, playing Catan all night with friends, or making The Hangover look tame, it’s hard not to get that Friday Feeling.

And it’s hard not to share that feeling with others. For your delight and inspiration, here are ten hilarious ways you can wish a friend, coworker, or loved one a “Happy Friday.”

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1 When It’s Been a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week

Sometimes the week can feel like a neverending slog for survival, and then Friday arrives like a shining Gatsby welcoming you to the party.

Your friend just had the worst week ever? Let them know Friday has arrived and everything’s going to be okay.

2 When You Just Need a Laugh . . . and Some Cute Animal Hijinks

The work week can be stressful, and if you’re in a negative headspace, some lighthearted laughter can help you get back to reality. Wish your friends and coworkers a Happy Friday with the help of some adorable critters.

3 When It’s Been One of Those Weeks…

Monday will be back soon, but right now you and your Work S.O. are ready to leap into the weekend and forget that work even exists. Because today is Friday, and it’s going to be amazing.

4 When You’re Ready For Fabulousness

Going out with friends? Get them pumped for the weekend’s adventures with the help of this KPOP charisma.

5 Needed, When Sage Wisdom Is

Warm the heart of your favorite Star Wars fan with some musings from their favorite green Jedi.

Nonsensical? Maybe. Though Yoda’s right—be careful where Friday leads you.

6 When You’re in Your 30s

An ideal Friday night doesn’t have to involve painting the town magenta. Share your love of rest and relaxation with your bestie—who also can’t wait to get home and chill.

7 When You Can’t Contain the Excitement

Friday: the one day of the week where it’s acceptable to be Captain Obvious. Just like you, your coworkers are aware of what day it is. Don’t hesitate to spread the joy, if the sloth moves you.

8 When You Need a Reality Check From a Beet Farmer

Idioms are a beautiful thing, and so is humor from the humorless. Share this no-nonsense message with the Dwight in your life (or your favorite fan of the Office).

9 When Your Friends Need More Pep

Sometimes your friends need a little encouragement to join you in weekend shenanigans. There’s nothing like the intensity of a cat going bananas to both intimidate and hype up your loved ones.

10 When No One Can Get in the Way of What You’re Feeling

Because Friday has a special place in your heart, and now that it’s here everything’s going to be alright. Share this moving ode to Friday with a friend who will truly understand.

What’s your favorite way to wish someone a happy Friday?

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