As work evolves and organizations strive for increased market share, employee engagement, and customer loyalty, Grammarly Business for Windows and Mac empowers teams and organizations to drive business impact. Available across your most widely used workflows, websites, and apps, Grammarly Business unlocks communication quality, consistency, and efficiency.

Discover the top three reasons why Grammarly Business for Windows and Mac is an essential tool for your enterprise teams.

1 Empower efficient, consistent communication

Since 2019, business app downloads have been up 147%. Both remote and in-office teams need tools that work flexibly and ubiquitously across their tech stack. And they need them to be engaging, intuitive, and valuable for users. 

With Grammarly Business for Windows and Mac, your teams can work across more desktop, mobile, or web-based apps than ever, turning your communication into a competitive advantage. Plus, our intuitive Grammarly widget seamlessly appears where your team works, giving them the power to improve every chat, email, ticket, and post with a single click of the widget.

Better Communication Across Your Favorite Apps
Grammarly Business works where your team does
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Easily install Grammarly Business once to run on your device or have it centrally deployed by your IT team. Then, use it on hundreds of desktop native apps. 

  • Customer support: Jump between tasks with confidence and ease in Zendesk, Slack, Freshdesk, Zoho Desk, Jira, and more.
  • Sales: Work efficiently and communicate effectively across Gmail, Salesforce, Outlook, Confluence, PowerPoint, and more.
  • Marketing: Turn every teammate into an engaging copywriter and ensure quality and on-brand consistency across platforms like Medium, Meta, Twitter, WordPress, HubSpot, and more. 
  • HR: Make every communication count, foster internal alignment, and scale across platforms like LinkedIn, Workday, Lattice, Microsoft Teams, Word, and more.

2 Increase communication confidence and effectiveness

Grammarly Business for Windows and Mac gives each team member real-time writing coaching so they can craft quality, consistent communication that increases customer engagement and trust. In fact, 85% of customer service agents report that Grammarly Business has increased their confidence when communicating with others thanks to time-saving snippets, helpful brand tones, multiple style guides, and insightful analytics.

3  Boost team performance and employee morale

Repetitive or redundant tasks can be frustrating for employees, and they eat away at organizational productivity. With Grammarly Business for Windows and Mac, you can reduce writing time, editing time, and rework. Plus, individual contributors learn to self-edit for quality and consistency—80% of Grammarly Business users report that using our single download solution reduces their anxiety before sharing their writing with others.

And, with custom, time-saving snippets, all your teams can quickly insert sentences and paragraphs to write faster in top workflows—without sacrificing quality. Snippets are a performance and productivity game-changer

  • Customer support: Snippets deliver clear, accurate, and on-brand responses to FAQs, common chat communications, and inside sales talking points—all while striking the right tone.
  • Sales: Ensure your outreach, pitch decks, and sell sheets are perfectly standardized yet wholly modular for fast, easy, accurate funnel activities.
  • Marketing: With snippets, everyone on your team has key marketing messages, branded terminology, and core value propositions right at their fingertips.
  • HR: Speed up recruiting, ensure internal and external communication quality and consistency, and equip hiring managers with the top phrases and paragraphs they need to negotiate with and onboard your top candidates.

A word on security

Your words are your words. That’s why at Grammarly we keep security at the heart of our product, infrastructure, and company operations. To date, 30 million people and 30,000 teams around the world trust our writing assistance to express themselves with confidence and achieve their goals. 

We do not—and we will not ever—sell or rent user data to third parties to help them advertise to our users. And we provide transparency into our security practices, including our secure cloud-based system architecture, our robust suite of third-party attestations and certifications, and our high scalability, uptime, and availability. 

Written communication has never been more central to daily work—and high quality, consistent communication has never been a bigger business driver. Learn how Grammarly Business for Windows and Mac can help your organization communicate efficiently and effectively across your top workflows, channels, websites, and apps. Contact us today for a demo.

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