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Frost & Sullivan deployed Grammarly for Business to increase its writing team’s productivity. The global market research and business consulting firm cut its editing time for client stories from three hours to just one.

The Challenge

At Frost & Sullivan, Tonya Fowler’s team is responsible for putting together crafted research reports on some of the world’s most innovative and sophisticated companies. These reports require a large amount of writing, which means there’s much to write, edit, and review. Although Tonya focuses on hiring the best possible writers, good editing remains essential to ensuring the highest quality material and time savings. Tonya had developed a peer review process, but this process took a substantial amount of time and was not always objective. “Our team members interact with CEOs and have discussions about what’s happening in the market. Our challenge is to create an engaging piece of marketing material that has a strong balance of research and marketability.”

“We’re continually looking for productivity and are now building in generative AI in our workflow; developing a policy to use Grammarly as a first draft.”
Tonya Fowler,
Frost & Sullivan Global Research Vice President of Best Practice

The Solution

Once Tonya found Grammarly Business, she implemented it instantly, asking her writing team to install and use the platform. Tonya made using Grammarly a mandatory requirement. This ensured that every writer on her team was getting the same feedback. Grammarly acted as an editing assistant for Tonya and her team.

“I am so nit-picky about passive voice and it is rarely in our reports anymore—that’s the Grammarly effect,” said Tonya.

“If we can cut 300 hours down to 180 hours, that person can go from 6 projects a year to 12 projects a year. It’s all about scale.”
Tonya Fowler,
Frost & Sullivan Global Research Vice President of Best Practice

The Results

Thanks to Grammarly Business, Tonya and her team were able to cut editing time substantially. No matter how skilled a writer is, they need good editors who not only catch simple mistakes but also make sure the piece of writing is easy to read. Grammarly Business made this process more efficient for Tonya and her team.

Thanks to time saved editing, Tonya’s team was able to increase output. Tonya’s team is tasked with creating many client stories in a given year. The more they create, the better it is for the business, but only if these stories are extremely high quality. “Once we integrated Grammarly into our productivity plan, we reduced our editing time by 66%.”

“The benefit is scalability. While Grammarly’s Gen AI can cut things in half, it’s not just about trying to reduce cost – it’s about effort and time so we can produce more.”
Tonya Fowler,
Frost & Sullivan Global Research Vice President of Best Practice

Keys to Success

Make Grammarly a mandatory part of the process

For Frost & Sullivan’s research team, Grammarly isn’t a “nice-to-have” tool. Instead, it’s an essential part of the process. Every writer on Tonya’s team is required to use Grammarly, and a performance score is used to ensure each piece of writing meets quality requirements before the peer-review process.


Implement a performance standard

To reach her goal of cutting back editing time, Tonya asked her team members to use Grammarly for every piece of writing they craft. If Grammarly Business presented anything less than a performance score of 80, writers needed to edit their own work before sending it out for peer review. If an editor received a piece of writing with a Grammarly Business score that was less than 80, they were to send it back to the original writer.

Maintain a culture of positive learning

No matter where we are in our writing journeys, there are always opportunities to improve. Building a culture of learning can help keep team members engaged and motivated. For Frost & Sullivan, Grammarly Business served as a teaching tool, flagging passive voice or repetitive words. It also helped the team give and receive feedback. Grammarly’s tone detector makes it easier for Tonya to show her team what is subjective editing and what is not.

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