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A Better Way To Write Professional Emails

Staying on top of your email inbox doesn’t have to feel daunting. Grammarly’s AI writing assistance makes it easy to draft and reply to emails in seconds.
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Share some basic details and quickly get an entire draft suited to your needs.
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Achieve the right formality, tone, and length by adjusting your text with just a few clicks.
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Ensure your writing is clear and mistake-free with the help of Grammarly’s suggestions.

Find Inspiration in These Professional Email Examples

These email examples were created with Grammarlys AI writing assistance. You can adjust any drafts you create to further tailor them to your needs.

Send an email from me (Alix) telling Francisco I reviewed the agreement draft and would like to schedule a call to discuss some of the conditions.

Draft generated by Grammarly:

Hi Francisco,

I reviewed the agreement draft you sent over, and it looks great! However, there are a few conditions Id like to discuss before we finalize everything. Can we schedule a call this week to go over them? Looking forward to speaking with you soon.

Best regards,
Send an email from me (Fern) telling Rosemary the company is considering her for the role of horticulturist, and I’d like to schedule some time to discuss the job with her this week.

Draft generated by Grammarly:
Hi Rosemary,

I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to let you know that our company is considering you for the role of horticulturist, and I would love to schedule some time to discuss the job with you this week. We are very impressed with your background and experience in the field, and we believe that you would be a great addition to our team.

Please let me know your availability for a call this week so we can discuss the details of the role further. I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

Best regards,

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I write a professional email subject line?

A professional email subject line should reflect the body of the email and be clear and concise. Avoid subject lines with general words like “Hi,” “Touching Base,” or “FYI,” and do not leave the subject line blank.

What are common greetings in a professional email?

Some common greetings in a professional email are “Good morning,” “Good afternoon,” “Good evening,” and “Hello.” You can also begin with “Dear,” followed by the name of the recipient. All salutations use title capitalization and end in a comma.

How should I start a professional email?

After a salutation, choose an engaging opening sentence that keeps the recipient, and their time, top of mind. You could build rapport by saying, “I hope your week is going well” or “I hope you had a nice weekend” or directly state the purpose of your email by saying, “I’m reaching out about . . .”

How do you end an email professionally?

There are lots of ways to end an email before including your name, but in the interest of professional decorum, it’s probably best not to get too creative. Some of the most reliable options are “Sincerely,” “Yours Truly,” “Thanks again,” “Appreciatively,” “Best regards,” and “Respectfully,”. Your sign-off should use title capitalization and end in a comma.

What are some ideas for a professional email signature?

A professional email signature doesn’t need to be flashy to be effective! In fact, the best email signature is often simple. Consider including your name, title, company name and/or logo, and company website. In addition, if you want to boost either your company’s or your personal professional brand, include your top social media links in your signature.

What is an email writing tool and should I use one?

An email writing tool like Grammarly uses AI to help you create a professional and personalized email in seconds. You don’t need to be an expert at writing emails to use it. You just need to enter a prompt stating what you’re looking to write and what information you’d like to have included in your email.

What information should I include in my prompt?

When using Grammarly’s AI assistance to help you create a professional email, it’s best to provide a good amount of information. The more detailed your prompts are, the clearer and more personalized your email will be. To start, be sure to include the following information in your prompt:

- The purpose of the email and who you are writing to
- Specific information to clarify the objective of your message
- The tone you’d like your email to have

How can I create a professional email using Grammarly's generative AI?

It's simple to craft high-quality professional emails in an instant with Grammarly's AI writing assistance. Here's how:
  • First, download Grammarly.
  • From your document, open Grammarly. This will launch our generative AI writing features.
  • Then, enter a prompt with instructions and key information that helps personalize your email.

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