Whats the difference between compliment and complement?


Can you help me with these sentences?  I just need to know when you say something nice about somebody are you complementing or complimenting.  Sentence 1:  I looked so pretty in my dress that even my evil little brother Scotty gave me a (complement) or (compliment).  He was trying to butter me up to give him some candy. Sentence #2: When the audience applauded and everybody was standing up, he knew he did a good job. It was like somebody giving him a total body compliment/complement.

P.S This is for a book I’m writing about my life and I want to write about when I got appreciation and congratulations like “feel good moments.”


Lewis NeidhardtAug 25 '13 at 00:32

"Compliment" will suit in all of your sentences.

SanjayAug 25 '13 at 09:01

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