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My ego has been affected by my lack of understanding between the words “effect” and “affect”.


I was reading through my little brother’s work and corrected his sentence, “The effect of the tsunami killed many people” to “the affect of the tsunami killed many people”. My brother really upset because the teacher graded him badly for not understanding what was taught in class.


Someone please tell me how to remember when to use effect and affect in a sentence?

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Frankly, you have worsened your brother's grades by revising it inaccurately.

The word affect is a verb that modifies the noun to show actions.

For an example, South Korean millitary's retreat severely affected the citizens who lived near the boundary of North Korean.
The word effect is primarily used as a noun in English. However, it's also used as a verb.

For an example, the effect of one current airplane crash devastated our souls. 
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