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Spell Check Anywhere You Write Online
Grammarly works in the background almost everywhere you write online. Whenever you’re typing on one of your favorite sites, Grammarly will alert you to any mistakes in your writing before you post it. Grammarly’s browser extension is compatible with Gmail, Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Wordpress, Twitter, and millions of other destinations on the web.
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Why Is Grammarly the Best Online Grammar and Spelling Checker?
Grammarly, the world’s most accurate grammar and spelling checker, is trusted by millions of people. As you type, Grammarly checks your text against more than 250 advanced grammar rules. The checks include common grammatical errors, such as subject-verb agreement, article use, and modifier placement, in addition to contextual spelling mistakes, phonetic spelling mistakes, and irregular verb conjugations. Plus, Grammarly’s spell check takes the context of your sentence into account.
Grammarly also provides synonym suggestions to make your writing more readable and precise. With Grammarly, you can write online with confidence
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How Does Grammarly Work?
Grammarly checks for spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes, vocabulary issues, and plagiarism while you type. You’ll receive suggested corrections via Grammarly Cards, which offer straightforward explanations of your mistakes. Each time you make a correction, you’ll also learn how to avoid making the same mistake in the future. You’ll see your writing improve dramatically with Grammarly as your own personal editor and grammar coach.
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Your computer can help you check your spelling, but how do you check your writing? Hey, your written words speak for you. Make sure you like what they’re saying. With Grammarly, you can be sure.

Grammarly checks everything, from spelling and use, to wordiness, style, punctuation, even plagiarism. Everything checked, everything correct. You use your writing to get into college, get through college, get a job after college. Make sure you write right, with Grammarly.

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Grammarly Settings Adjust to Your Writing Style
We understand that there are many writing styles that require unique editing. With Grammarly, you can spell check business, academic, technical, creative, or casual writing. This feature allows you to adjust the strictness of the grammar review to match your personal writing and editing needs. Our application also includes a thorough contextual spelling and plagiarism check. When you check your spelling and grammar with our application, all of the grammatical errors are categorized, clearly displayed, and organized for easy review and revision.
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Single quantifier with plural noun
Learn While Correcting Errors With Grammarly

Finally, Grammarly’s grammar and spelling checker not only identifies your grammatical errors, but also offers helpful explanations of each mistake. Each error card explains your grammatical error and shows you how to correct the mistake. All cards contain lots of examples and point out any exceptions to the rule. When further explanation is necessary, Grammarly offers additional free resources for you, including the Grammarly Handbook, which provides detailed explanations of grammar and writing rules.

The Grammarly online spell check application is good not only for discovering what to fix in your writing, but also for helping you fix it. It’s a useful addition to any writer’s toolbox.

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Lilian Spell Checker Review
Writer, Toronto, Canada
Grammarly out-performed Word’s grammar and spell-checker by far.
It’s easy to use:
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Install the free browser extension and Grammarly will help you write correctly on nearly every site on the web.
Copy and paste (or upload) any text into your personal editor after creating your account to begin editing for mistakes, or simply create a new document and begin writing. Grammarly will store all of your documents for you.
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NOTE: This feature is currently for premium members only.
Grammar and Spelling
Why Grammar and Spelling Matter
There is a multitude of reasons for using good grammar in your everyday writing. Did you know that good grammar helps students achieve higher grades, helps professionals earn promotions, and even helps singles get dates? It’s true. Whether we like to acknowledge it or not, good grammar is essential to becoming the best communicators we can be. Studies have shown that those who write with good grammar are often perceived more positively than writers whose work includes grammatical errors. But while proper grammar is of course a huge part of good writing, there are other elements of writing—such as spelling and punctuation—that can also lead to writing errors. Grammarly provides users with a robust editing experience by checking for grammatical, spelling, and punctuation mistakes while improving overall vocabulary with intelligent synonym suggestions. Learn more below about how Grammarly improves each aspect of your writing.
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Grammarcheck types
Grammar mistakes happen to the best of us. Sometimes, we hit send on an email too quickly, or we forget to double-check our cover letters. Grammarly checks for grammatical errors automatically to help you avoid embarrassing mistakes. We have a world-class team of linguists who work daily to improve our algorithms and make Grammarly’s grammar and spell checker as close to a human proofreader as possible. While other spell checkers might let you down when it comes to dangling modifiers or split infinitives, Grammarly won’t. Additionally, our application learns your writing style and allows you to toggle between style categories, so that your editor is always relevant to your writing.
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Punctuation, Oxford Comma, Exclamation Points
Punctuationcheck types
Proper punctuation can get confusing. What is an Oxford comma, anyway? Do you really need that many exclamation points? When should you be using a colon? In addition to checking your spelling, Grammarly corrects punctuation errors, too. Say goodbye to comma splices, errant semicolons, and other pesky punctuation issues.
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Spelling: Irregular Verb Conjugations
Spellingcheck types
Sometimes, we get so excited when we’re writing that we might accidentally skip a letter or type a homonym of the word we really mean. Grammarly has you covered in case of a spelling emergency. With just one click, you can correct spelling mistakes and avoid embarrassment. Our application also has a built-in dictionary, accessible wherever you write, that examines contextual spelling (this means we’ll let you know when you accidentally type “there” when you meant “their”).
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Garrett Spell Checker Review
North Dakota, USA
[Grammarly] is by far the most robust online proofreading service that I have ever found, and definitely worth the price of admission.
It’s Easy to Use:
Get GrammarlyIt’s free
Install the free browser extension and Grammarly will help you write correctly on nearly every site on the web.
Copy and paste (or upload) any text into your personal editor after creating your account to begin correcting mistakes. Or, simply create a new document and begin writing. Grammarly will store all of your documents for you.
Download Grammarly for Microsoft® Office.
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