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Find Inspiration in These Cover Letter Examples

These cover letter examples were created with Grammarly’s AI writing assistance. You can adjust any drafts you create to further tailor them to your needs.

Write a cover letter for my job application to an HR specialist role at AcmeCo. Talk about how I have two years of experience in customer care at Hilotet, a master’s in social work, and three years of experience as the executive assistant for the CEO of Keyloxxi. Also, mention how my diverse experience will help me easily make this career change. At the top of the cover letter, include a header with my name (Skylar Smith), my email (, and the date (05/03/2023), followed by the AcmeCo name and address (332 Somewhere Place, Seattle, WA 98108).

Draft generated by Grammarly:

Skylar Smith



332 Somewhere Place

Seattle, WA 98108

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to express my interest in the HR Specialist role at AcmeCo. With two years of experience in customer care at Hilotet, a master’s in social work, and three years of experience as the executive assistant for the CEO of Keyloxxi, I believe I possess the necessary skills and expertise to excel in this role.

My diverse background has allowed me to develop strong communication and organizational skills and the ability to work well in a team. As a social work graduate, I have gained valuable experience working with people from all walks of life, and I am confident that my skills will be an asset to your team.

I am excited about the opportunity to bring my varied experience to AcmeCo and make a seamless career change. I am confident my skills and experience align with the requirements of this role, and I am eager to contribute to your team.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to discussing my qualifications further.


Skylar Smith

Write a cover letter for a history teacher job at Hilotet High School. Talk about how my current position at Keyloxxi Middle School has given me experience creating engaging lesson plans and how a BA in history will help me succeed in the role at Hilotet. Include a header with the school’s address. At the end, put my name, Marisol Doe, and email,

Draft generated by Grammarly:

Hilotet High School
123 Main St.
Hilotet, IA

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to express my interest in the history teacher position at Hilotet High School. As an experienced educator at Keyloxxi Middle School, I have gained valuable experience in creating engaging lesson plans that motivate students to learn. I am confident my background in teaching and my BA in history will allow me to succeed in this role at Hilotet.

I am passionate about history and strive to inspire my students to explore and appreciate the events of the past. I believe that my experience and enthusiasm for teaching will make me a valuable asset to the team at Hilotet High School. I am excited about the prospect of joining the faculty at Hilotet and contributing to the academic success of your students.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to discussing my qualifications further.

Marisol Doe

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cover letter?

A cover letter lets you introduce yourself to potential employers and describe why you’re a good fit for an open role. Unlike a résumé, which summarizes your work history and skills in more of a list format, a cover letter provides space for you to illustrate how your prior experience applies to the role for which you’re applying. It also allows you to showcase your soft skills and explain why you’re excited about the company and role. Employers use cover letters to help gauge if you’re a good fit for a position and their culture and values.

What info should a cover letter include?

Your résumé’s cover letter should start with an introduction that includes the job title and a summary of why you’re interested in the job and the company. If someone at the company has referred you to this role, you should also mention that person’s name in your introduction.

Next, include one to two paragraphs about your qualifications and skills and your interest in the company. Opt for a narrow focus, highlighting your most applicable skills and explaining how they will help you succeed in the role. When you talk about the company, show you’re familiar with its mission and values and explain how its goals align with your own.

Wrap up your cover letter with a paragraph that restates your interest in the company and the role. You may also wish to thank the reader for their time and for considering your application.

If you want to speed up the writing process, use Grammarly’s cover letter generator. It will help you squash writer’s block instantly.

How should a cover letter start?

When writing a cover letter for your résumé, start with a greeting, like “Dear hiring manager,” and then launch into a short introduction. In the introduction, include the job title you’re applying for and write a summary of why you’re interested in the position and the company. If someone at the company referred you to the role, mention their name here too.

Some people also include a brief header at the top of their cover letter. Headers typically contain your name and contact information, links to your website or online résumé, and the date.

To whom should I address a cover letter?

If possible, address your cover letter to the hiring manager. (You can sometimes find their name on the job application.) For example, if the hiring manager is Anita Kawfee, start your letter with “Dear Anita Kawfee.” To avoid misgendering, use the hiring manager's full name without adding a title like Mr., Ms., or Mx.

If you don’t know the hiring manager’s name, use a general salutation such as “Dear hiring manager.”

How should a cover letter end?

Wrap up your cover letter with a short paragraph that thanks the reader for their time and reaffirms your interest in the role and company. Follow this paragraph with a short sign-off—such as “Sincerely,” “Thank you,” or “Best”followed by your full name. Some people choose to add their contact information (email, phone number, and website) under their name instead of putting it in a header at the top of the cover letter.

Should I write a cover letter if it’s optional?

It’s a good idea to write a cover letter even if a job post lists it as optional. This shows you’re willing to put in the extra effort and gives you a place to tell the hiring manager why you’re a good fit for the company and the role. Additionally, writing a cover letter provides an opportunity to show off a bit of your personality, which can help you stand out from other applicants.

If writing isn’t your forte or you’re wondering how to write a cover letter, you may want to use a cover letter generator.

What is a cover letter generator?

A cover letter generator is a tool that can make applying for jobs much simpler and more streamlined. A cover letter generator uses AI-powered assistance to help you create a professional, personalized cover letter in a few quick steps.

You don’t need to know how to write a cover letter or the standard cover letter format to use a cover letter generator. You just need to input some basic information about yourself and the details you’d like included—then your personalized cover letter is ready in seconds.

What information should I include in my prompt for a stellar cover letter?

When using Grammarly’s AI assistance to help you craft cover letters, it’s best to provide a significant amount of information. The more detailed your prompts are, the clearer and more engaging your cover letter will be. To start, be sure to include the following information in your prompt:

• Specific details about your past work experience

• Specific details about the role you’re applying for

• The tone you’d like your cover letter to have

• The information you’d like to include in the header or footer of your cover letter, such as your name and email, the date, and the company’s name and address.

How can I create a cover letter using Grammarly's generative AI?

It's simple to craft high-quality cover letters in an instant with Grammarly's AI writing assistance. Here's how:

  • First, download Grammarly.
  • From your document, open Grammarly. This will launch our generative AI writing features.
  • Then, enter a prompt with instructions and key information that helps personalize your cover letter.

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