Meet Jennifer! Jennifer Bruton is a marketing professional who has worked at various tech start-ups and larger companies like Twitter and Snap Inc. More importantly, she has been a Grammarly user since 2017 and is a member of the Grammarly Collective, Grammarly’s Ambassador Program.

Jennifer first joined Grammarly when her manager purchased licenses for her team with Grammarly Business. Grammarly quickly became a game changer in her work as a marketer.

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1 Grammarly works where you do

One of Grammarly’s major benefits is how it works within the programs you use every day. (To get started, download Grammarly for Windows and Mac—it’s free). Once installed, you can access Grammarly directly where you write, in places like LinkedIn, Canva, and Etsy. Grammarly will automatically appear within the text boxes of your favorite tools.

For example, when I draft a LinkedIn post, I use Grammarly to help compose posts that convert. Recently I posted about launching my first NFT. With Grammarly’s generative AI, I quickly drafted a concise message with an excited tone and a clear call to action for my LinkedIn followers.

In my freelance work, I love using Grammarly in Canva. I work fast when creating social media graphics for my clients, and Grammarly helps ensure my projects are free of spelling mistakes, typos, or grammatical errors. This integration alone has significantly improved my speed and confidence when getting content quickly out the door.

Grammarly is also a fantastic tool for improving product descriptions. As marketers, we’re all familiar with writing a great product description that is clear, SEO-friendly, and distinct from our competition.

I leverage Grammarly’s “Give me ideas for improvement” prompt to take my product descriptions to the next level. For instance, I own an Etsy store that specializes in wedding signage (fun fact: I designed tons of templates for my wedding in 2022 and offered my designs on Etsy as well). In my listings’ product descriptions, I’ll click the green Grammarly button and then select “Give me ideas for improvement” to brainstorm ways to make my listings have even more impact. In this example, you’ll see that Grammarly suggested adding a clear call to action, customer testimonials, and different event use cases. Grammarly is my ultimate sounding board for making sure my work is headed in the right direction.

2 Grammarly saves you time

As marketers, we often start from scratch, and there is nothing more daunting than a blank page. The Grammarly Editor coupled with Grammarly’s generative AI helps me overcome my writer’s block and blank-page anxiety.

Here’s how I do it: I simply open a new document in the Grammarly Editor and click the Grammarly button for AI support.

In the “Tell us to . . .” field, I describe what I need to accomplish. Some favorite prompts of mine are:

Generate blog post ideas for -product’s name- for the month of -X-

This helps me think of new themes my company can touch on for seasonal moments.

Create a list of customers who would use  -product’s name-

Re-evaluating your target customers (who they are and what they need) is necessary for marketers, and this prompt acts as a good reminder when starting any project.

Generate a favorable case study for -product’s name-

I find case studies can oftentimes read the same. I like using this prompt—and sometimes I even change it to “less than favorable”—to think about different themes when drafting case study interviews or ways to highlight key takeaways.

Build a list of email subject lines for our upcoming holiday campaign

You can swap the theme for whatever you need, but this prompt is great for getting the ball rolling. As marketers know, the shorter and sweeter, the better! The ability to quickly and confidently draft a variety of email subject lines to choose from is everything for marketing teams.

Once Grammarly helps me choose a direction, I build out the rest of my project with Grammarly’s help. Having a dedicated hub to store my work, experiment creatively, and write great copy (with a focus on spelling, tone, conciseness, punctuation, and word choice), rather than dredge through multiple rounds of edits, has greatly improved my writing speed and efficiency.

3 Get help with emails and reducing inbox clutter

Grammarly is the ultimate email assistant. Early in my career, I used to get nervous about sending executive emails or broader team updates; I can be a perfectionist, and I hated the idea of a typo slipping by me or my intended tone being lost in translation. With Grammarly, I can simplify my email, improve the quality of my message, and adjust my tone—all with a few clicks.

With Grammarly in my Gmail, I’m able to draft fast email responses that include:

  • Executive communications
  • Job interview thank-you notes
  • Project updates and kickoffs
  • Welcomes to new team members

For example, I recently received a quote from an app developer. With Grammarly, I can quickly summarize the inbound email and draft a swift response.

This saves me time and effort that I can put toward other priorities. With Grammarly as my assistant, I have reduced my inbox clutter and spend less time synthesizing and drafting responses. This frees me up to support my team and use my work time on other priorities.

Because of these reasons, Grammarly has made me a better marketer and helped me work smarter—not harder. For more than five years, Grammarly has helped me streamline my marketing tasks and get straight to the point for projects like blog posts, one sheets, reports, social media graphics, professional emails, and more. I’m confident Grammarly will do the same for you.

And if you haven’t already, sign up for the Grammarly Collective, and I look forward to welcoming you to the Grammarly crew!

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