Do uncountable nouns be plural?


Here are some examples regarding to the quetion:


- Land or lands

- Support or supports 

- Do reserch or do reserches


Thanks in advance 

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Sorry, the word can should substitute the word do in the question.

ducdang123Aug 09 '13 at 02:36

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 Land or lands

Generally, it is singular. The land around the house... But it can also be plural. I sailed my boat across the sea to visit new lands.


- Support or supports

When used as a noun, it can be either singular or plural. The support of my friends help me through a rough time. Even though you have multiple friends, you are considering their support as a single entity. The supports under the bridge were weakening. Here, support is a material object. Bridges will have more than one support.


- Do reserch or do reserches

I've never run across 'researches' as a plural noun. It can be the singular form of the verb 'to search'. He researches cancer treatment.

Even if you considered multiple areas of research, you would still consider it as one entity.  We collected data from seven areas of research.

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