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What does readability mean? A readability score indicates how easy it is for a reader to understand a piece of writing. If it’s high, that means the writing flows and is easy to absorb. If it’s low, that means a reader may find it hard to grasp its message and key points.

Whether you’re using a readability checker or not, there are a few rules of thumb you can rely on to make your writing clear, like avoiding too many long and complicated sentences.

Grammarly takes the guesswork out of scoring high on readability with plenty of suggestions for clear, concise, and intelligible prose.

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Readability Tips and Tricks

In general, long sentences are harder to read than short ones. And, longer words are harder to read than concise, simple ones. A document’s readability score can give you an idea of how easily a reader can understand it based on the length of the sentences and words used in the document.

Learn more about readability and use Grammarly to write more clearly.
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Readability Scores

A readability score is a number that tells you how much effort a reader will have to spend in order to read a piece of writing. Learn more about what a readability score is based on and how to improve yours.
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Bullet Points

Bullet points are a great way to highlight important information, especially in long, complicated documents. Get a feel for how and when to use them to make your writing more readable.
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Formatting Tips

There’s much more to formatting than boldface and italics. Smart formatting choices and tools can make your writing easier to read. Take a look at these resources to learn how.
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Concise writing is effective writing. Delve into these tips and tricks for cutting unnecessary words and phrases.
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Run-on Sentences

Run-on sentences take place when two or more complete sentences fuse together without proper punctuation. Get the scoop on this common writing mistake and how to fix it.
Sentence Structure

The way you arrange different phrases and parts of speech in a sentence makes up its structure. Learn how to add variety to your sentence structure to keep your writing from sounding monotonous.
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Word Choice

Choosing strong, vivid words helps your reader visualize what you’re describing and keeps them engaged. Check out our guide to picking the right words.
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Self-Editing Tips

Editing your own work can be a challenge because your brain tends to see what you meant, not what you actually wrote. Find out how to see your work with fresh eyes.

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