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Get Started

Effective communication makes everything work better and more efficiently. Start here for onboarding resources and big-picture product overviews to accelerate your journey with Grammarly Business.
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Introduction to Grammarly Business

Our pithiest introduction to what Grammarly Business can do for your team. Perfect for sharing and sending to interested parties who are short on time.
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Case Study: How Zoom Scales Quality Content

In a period of rapid growth, Zoom scaled quality content for global audiences using custom style guides and tone detection.
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Gartner Hype Cycle 2022 for Workplace Applications

Everyday AI can amplify the productivity of any worker. Learn why we were named a Sample Vendor in the Gartner® Hype Cycle for Digital Workplace Applications, 2022 in the Everyday AI category.
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Grammarly Business Onboarding Guide

The fastest way to get started is with this onboarding guide. Follow these steps to set up Grammarly Business for your team and start getting its suggestions in the applications you rely on for work communication.
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Learn About Our Features

Make the most of Grammarly Business by exploring and activating our enterprise-specific features—designed to help teams like yours work more productively, communicate more cohesively, and improve over time.

Style Guides

Help your whole team capture your company’s unique voice and style.

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Brand Tones

Turn your company voice into a tone profile so your team can strike the right note every time.

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Speed up common writing tasks by systematizing them with pre-written text.

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Understand what insights you can get on Grammarly Business dashboards.

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Optimize features by team needs with the groups feature.

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Writing Styles

Customize editorial standards, like serial commas and date formats, for better suggestions.

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Language Settings

Help Grammarly give the best suggestions by specifying a dialect of English.

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Resources by Team

Customer Support

Improve your customer experience from top to bottom. See how Grammarly Business boosts agent confidence and helps CX leaders measure the intangible value of quality customer service.

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Grammarly Business for Customer Service Teams
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Learn how Grammarly Business can empower teams to deliver high-quality customer interactions.

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See how a global BPO company improved customer satisfaction by 17% by implementing Grammarly Business.

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Read how Zapier used Grammarly Business to streamline writing guidance for their customer support agents.

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Effective marketing content doesn’t just appear out of thin air. Give your marketers and creatives the tools they need to craft engaging, on-brand messaging and copy, at speed and at scale.

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Grammarly Business for Marketing Teams
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Grammarly Business supports marketing teams through accelerating production while maintaining quality and consistency.

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HackerOne drives consistency in language and tone across the organization while reducing leadership review time.

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Explore how to maintain brand consistency across multiple channels, adapt your strategy for different channels, and streamline the process.

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According to Campaign Monitor, consumers receive more than 100 sales emails per day. Help your emails stand out with Grammarly Business so you can strengthen relationships and close deals faster.

Human Resources

HR teams set the standard for how employees communicate and embody your values. They also serve as your first impression for any new talent. Browse resources for making every message count.

Protecting Your Data and Privacy

We keep security at the heart of our product, infrastructure, and company policies. Explore the measures we take to protect your information, backed by globally recognized compliance standards.
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Grammarly Business Deployment Guide for IT

Security logos

Grammarly Information Security: Frequently Asked Questions

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Our User-First Approach to Protecting Data Security and Privacy


How Grammarly’s HackerOne Bug Bounty Program Reduces Security Vulnerabilities and Risk


How Grammarly Security Champions Help Establish a Company-Wide Security-First Culture

Explore Further

Discover the most recent thinking on workplace communication and innovation.
Grammarly for Work Playbook

Ebook: Grammarly for Work Playbook


Study: Workplace Experience Insights to Transform Productivity

Book that reads State of Business Communication

Ebook: The State of Business Communication 2021

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G2s Best Office Software 2022 Recognizes Grammarly Business

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Your Communication Impact Scorecard

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Ebook: Guide to Cross-Cultural Communication

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