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ModMed is a fast-growing healthcare software company. But, as the organization grew, CEO Dan Cane identified an opportunity to enhance the efficiency of the company’s communication. Unclear or inconsistent messages could pose obstacles to ModMed’s goals of saving time and delivering delight to customers.

That’s why Cane turned to Grammarly Business. Features like style guides and brand tones help ModMed’s team deliver clear, consistent writing. And Grammarly’s secure generative AI writing assistance empowers employees to write first drafts and suggests communication improvements in just a few clicks—generating results:

  • 158.3 hours saved per year per user
  • 19.8 days saved per year per user
  • 28X ROI
  • 69% improvement in written communications

Executive Summary

Technology company ModMed experienced rapid growth and wanted to ensure the quality of its communications scaled in proportion. CEO Dan Cane was concerned about mistakes and the tone, which didn’t always align with the brand. However, as a longtime Grammarly user, he was confident Grammarly Business could resolve these issues. 

ModMed now benefits from Grammarly’s secure and reliable AI-powered communication assistance, allowing it to concentrate on enhancing healthcare practice efficiency and improving patient outcomes. The company style guide ensures that the brand is protected. Grammarly’s generative AI capabilities allow users across all teams to generate quality content quickly and efficiently, saving each content creator 39 minutes a day—time they can use to focus on high-value, strategic initiatives.

“I knew everyone could benefit from more accurate, better, clearer writing and the efficiencies that Grammarly’s generative AI could contribute to their writing.
Dan Cane,
ModMed Chief Executive Officer

Communication mistakes get in the way of customer delight

ModMed understands the value of time, which is why it offers an all-in-one platform for specialty medical practices that combines electronic health records, practice management, and revenue cycle management. This solution allows practices to focus on their patients instead of back-office processes. While the company is built around its e-health technology, its culture is built around saving people time, clients, and team members alike.

The Challenge

However, as the company grew, ModMed CEO Dan Cane noticed that its internal and external communications lacked the consistency of brand, tone, and voice that aligned with its brand. He was concerned that these mistakes would reflect poorly on the company and create a risk to its reputation. This issue would only worsen as the company continued expanding. 

“We want to create delight, which happens when we’re exceeding expectations,” Cane said. “But exceeding expectations is hard to do if you’re sending out information that’s hard to understand.” Unclear messages meant readers had to waste extra time deciphering instructions and meaning.

The Solution

Fortunately, Cane knew how to solve this problem: Grammarly Business. Cane had been using Grammarly for years, so he knew how it could help ensure consistency and quality in company communications while meeting the company’s strict privacy requirements.

“I’ve always found that Grammarly improves my writing quality. It articulates my thoughts much more clearly in my documents, emails, and chat,” he said. “I wanted to share that with our ‘Modernizers.’ I knew everyone could benefit from more accurate, better, clearer writing and the efficiencies that Grammarly’s generative AI could contribute to their writing. The clearer and more concise they can be, the more time they save and readers save because they understand the information immediately.”

“Now I can write a message and have Grammarly fine-tune it. The message reaches the audience much faster, and we get on the same page quicker.”
Mihai Fonoage,
ModMed Vice President of Engineering

“My copilot when it comes to authoring new content”

With Grammarly’s in-line writing assistance, team members produce more refined communications. Grammarly enforces the company’s style guide, so users get real-time suggestions on how to write in the company’s tone and style. This ensures that the company’s brand perception remains “premium” as it expands.

Grammarly’s generative AI writing assistance helps the marketing team craft on-brand first drafts through guided prompts. “It’s great to have that first draft prepared, and that helps them save time and stay on culture and on-brand,” said CMO, Adam Riff.

Or, as Cane said, “Grammarly is not just a spell- and grammar-checker. It’s my copilot when it comes to authoring new content.”

“I’m a gen AI evangelist,” Riff said. “I love the way it gives people superpowers, so to speak. It takes away work you probably didn’t want to do anyway, like adjusting the tone to sound more professional or finding a new way to say the same thing. Then you can spend more time doing the parts of your job you enjoy.

“It’s wonderful to have a partner as invested as ModMed is in exploring how this new technology can reshape employee efficiency.”

According to Mihai Fonoage, ModMed’s VP of Engineering, what sets Grammarly’s generative AI apart from competitors is its seamless integration into all the applications ModMed uses, including Google Suite, email, and Slack. The platform also includes privacy functions such as SSO and Managed Mode, which prevent users from logging into the ModMed system with any email other than their ModMed work email, safeguarding the company’s sensitive data. 

A force multiplier


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days saved per user annually


Fonoage has written a lot of emails, believing they conveyed the message he wanted to send. But then he’d go back and reread the thread and see that maybe his message wasn’t understood as clearly as he’d hoped.

“Now I can write a message and have Grammarly fine-tune it,” he said. “The message reaches the audience much faster, and we get on the same page quicker. It amazes me the changes Grammarly can make and how the edited version resonates with me much better than the original. It’s an exceptional tool that enhances my writing and boosts my confidence as a communicator.”

In this way, ModMed achieves its core values of saving people time and creating customer delight: ModMed estimates each content creator saves 39 minutes a day—equal to more than 108,875 hours total saved each year.* 

“Grammarly’s generative AI has helped us be faster, more efficient, and more effective.”
Adam Riff,
ModMed Chief Marketing Officer

Cane considers that time savings a “force multiplier.” 

“What I write will then be read dozens, hundreds, even thousands of times. The clarity and the conciseness of what I write becomes so important because it saves time for all of those recipients to understand what I’m trying to tell them,” he said.

“ModMed is all about innovation,” Riff said. “Everything we’ve designed has the goal of helping our clients and our team members be as effective and efficient as possible. Grammarly plays a big role in that for us.”

“We see Grammarly as one of those essential innovation tools that let us do our other jobs better.”
Dan Cane,
ModMed Chief Executive Officer


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