What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The definition of effective communication
  • Why setting the right foundation now with agile communication is essential for resilience and growth
  • How AI communication assistance technology is helping enterprises, organizations, and teams of all sizes improve business results through better communication.
  • Why it’s critical to address the $1.2 trillion annual cost of ineffective communication, including the wide-ranging business impacts on everything from productivity to morale to growth

This content first appeared on the Business of Story podcast with Park Howell.

Grammarly and the State of Business Communication

There is an accelerating trend for businesses to become more agile (taking a lead from agile software development). And if they make their communications clearer and concise, they will grease the rails of their agile transformation.

But most organizations are bogged down by miscommunication, which is revealed in The State of Business Communication 2022 report by The Harris Poll and Grammarly.

According to their findings, miscommunication is costing American businesses $1.2 trillion annually. I had the co-author of the report, Abbey Lunney of The Harris Poll on episode #362 to discuss where to go from here.

I think of it this way: the term agile relative to business is about speed to market. Agile communication is about speed to meaning. Without meaning, miscommunication is speed to madness.

Today’s guest, Dorian Stone, Head of Organizations Revenue at Grammarly, appends my speed to meaning definition of agile communications making it even stronger (I mean, what else would you expect from Grammarly?).

Dorian Stone oversees all B2B organization revenue and operations for Grammarly Business. Previously, Dorian was VP of Customer Experience Strategy and Marketing at Medallia and spent over a decade at McKinsey & Company as a partner and co-founder of its Global Customer Experience practice. Before McKinsey, Dorian served in the Peace Corps as a Program Director and Volunteer for Small Business Development in Panama.

Dorian serves on multiple communities and professional leadership boards and councils and is a strategic advisor to multiple startups. He holds a master’s in international studies from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from UPenn’s The Wharton School.

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