The last few weeks have undoubtedly been an unusual and chaotic time for all of us—both professionally and personally. The social measures we need to take to address the COVID-19 pandemic mean adjusting our routines in drastic ways. For organizations, this often means entirely changing the way we work—whether we were fully prepared or not. 

As a small gesture of support, we’ve rounded up ten articles we published over the years that may be helpful as you guide your team through new communication norms.

Navigating tone in written communication

Current circumstances are anything but normal, and it’s okay—important, even—to acknowledge that. And while what you say to others during this tumultuous time is very important, it’s worth taking the time to consider how your messages are coming across to be sure you’re striking the right balance of empathy and professionalism. 

What Is Tone in Writing?

What’s the Difference Between Tone and Voice?

Tone Matching: What Is It, Who Uses It, and Why?

Formal vs. Informal Writing

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Communicating at a distance

Whether you were already working remotely or now find yourself newly at a distance, remote work means reliance on digital communication. To keep everyone on a team connected and moving in sync, it’s important to take extra care to provide context and clarity in our writing—even when moving fast. Consider sharing these articles with team members as a helpful reminder to be mindful of context and to take their audience into account before hitting send. 

Three Strategies to Improve Communication at Work

Five Ways to Keep Your Emails Short and Sweet

How Writing Helps People Connect

Seven Email Apps to Make Your Messages Shine

Showing appreciation

As organizations and individuals adapt to new working conditions and routines, don’t forget to let your team members know that you recognize their contributions and that you appreciate them. 

How to Show Appreciation to Your Staff

75 Compliments to Use When You Want to Say Something Nice

We also understand that business leaders are going above and beyond to do what’s best for their teams, their companies, and their communities right now. From all of us here at Grammarly, please stay healthy and safe. 

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