Your team is moving fast and hustling to meet customer needs and hit company goals. With this fast pace, it’s easy to overlook that much of the work taking place along the way is done through our daily communication (we spend 88% of the workweek communicating, in fact).

Between progress-update emails, strategy documents, and back-and-forth message threads, both the frequency and variety of workplace communication are on the rise. Yet the effectiveness of our communication is not improving as the quantity increases. If businesses want to improve their communication, they must begin to focus on better writing, not more.

Effective communication enables your team to reach their goals, but it has to be more than just polished and mistake-free; it must also have a clear purpose and resonate with one’s audience. When work communication doesn’t hit the mark, it leads to more time spent messaging, misalignment, and lower productivity. To help counteract these challenges, Grammarly has launched strategic suggestions, an AI-powered feature that will help your team increase the impact of their communication with tailored recommendations based on their goal, audience, and context.

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Miscommunication is holding your team back

Miscommunication is a constant hurdle in the workplace. In fact, 8 in 10 leaders say they experience adverse effects of ineffective communication. These effects are felt in several ways, such as decreased productivity, extended deadlines, and even lost business.

Solving miscommunication is challenging; employees often aren’t able to establish the just-right level of detail, bring attention to the most important information, or tailor their communication to reach different stakeholders. Grammarly’s new strategic suggestions will help your team address those gaps efficiently.

Drive progress with purposeful communication

Strategic suggestions analyze your team’s text and help them communicate with purpose by proactively guiding them to make adjustments based on the goal of their writing. Grammarly’s AI writing assistance prompts them to make their main point stand out, include the right information in the most effective place, and tailor their writing to their audience. These adjustments will make it easier to get teams aligned and improve productivity.

Make the main point clear

Emails and even long documents are often read in a rush. Your team needs to ensure that the key takeaways are clear, no matter how much time the person on the other end spends reading. Grammarly now identifies the main point of your writing and delivers suggestions to help you focus attention on it. For example, Grammarly may suggest adding a short summary, expanding on key details, or adjusting the structure of a message so it’s easy to comprehend quickly.

Get teams aligned with the right information

Sharing the right level of context and highlighting information’s importance is key to getting all stakeholders aligned as quickly as possible. However, it can be difficult for team members to determine what information is going to be the most compelling. Grammarly now anticipates your reader’s questions and concerns and helps you fill those gaps up front.

For example, imagine you’re the head of customer support at your company. Your team currently spends a significant amount of time generating and verifying discount links, and one of your team members believes that using a third-party service to handle these requests will allow the team to devote time to more impactful projects. This team member has put together a proposal and decided to use Grammarly before sending the proposal over to you. Grammarly has a suggestion to “specify the cost of the third-party service,” a crucial piece of information that will help you evaluate the proposal. You are now able to approve this proposal without going back and forth in a series of conversations because you immediately have all the necessary information.

Connecting with key stakeholders

How your team communicates should vary depending on whether they’re writing to a teammate, an exec, or a customer. But it can be difficult for team members to figure out the right way to adapt their writing. Enter Grammarly, which will now review their text, identify the potential audience, and suggest ways to make their message resonate more effectively.

For example, imagine someone on your team is reaching out to a key sales prospect to schedule a demo call. The purpose of the demo is likely clear to your team member, but the benefit may not be as clear to the busy prospect who is being asked to make extra time for the call. Instead of simply providing the available time slots, Grammarly suggests that your team member describe the benefits of the demo call. It also provides text they can quickly insert. Now you can feel confident that your team is sending compelling emails to prospects.

Grammarly makes effective communication easier

You’ve likely spent countless hours reviewing your team’s writing before they send it out to a broader audience. Your feedback is valuable, but these reviews are time-consuming for you. Despite AI advancement, time spent reviewing communication is up 11% since last year. Now your team can get instant feedback from Grammarly, helping reduce the time you and other team members spend providing strategic feedback. Every employee can benefit from Grammarly right from the start—no training required.

Your team may also have tried using other generative AI tools, like ChatGPT or Copilot, to get this type of feedback. However, both of these solutions require your team to break out of their workflow to toggle to the AI chat box and spend precious time figuring out just the right prompt to ask. On the other hand, Grammarly makes it easy for your team to maintain their focus by integrating seamlessly wherever they write—including in Gmail, Microsoft Word, Slack, and 500,000 other apps and websites. What’s more, Grammarly proactively surfaces strategic suggestions as your team writes in those contexts so they can improve their writing as they work. In addition, Grammarly’s AI models are fine-tuned on effective business-writing best practices, so the feedback your team is getting is comprehensive and specific to the writing done at work.

Writing that improves productivity

Your team can speed up alignment and hit their goals when their words resonate. With Grammarly’s new strategic suggestions, your team will get instant and ongoing built-in coaching that ensures they include the right information, highlight what’s most important, and tailor their message to the audience. Ensure your team’s communication drives results by joining the 93% of people using Grammarly who say it helps them craft more impactful writing.

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