Hybrid work has shifted the way many of us communicate. There are more virtual meetings, more instant messages, more emails, and far less in-person time. The future of work has arrived, and with it comes the monumental task of determining the best path for improving team communication. Unfortunately, ensuring effective workplace communication is easier said than done. Research conducted in 2022 by the Harris Poll found that US businesses lose $1.2 trillion annually because of unsuccessful and ineffective communication practices. So what’s getting in the way of collaboration, productivity, and employee communication in the hybrid work era? 

In a new series of short videos hosted on Reuters.com, Grammarly has been included in 50 Leaders of Change, which spotlights organizations defining the workplace of tomorrow. The video below focuses on how we’re trailblazing AI-enhanced workplace communication and the results we drive for individual and enterprise communication—including productivity, engagement, and support for more confident and effective teams.

With the search for solutions a priority for executives, technologies like Grammarly Business are essential to digital workplace strategies and achieving business goals. Ideally, the perfect enterprise communication system integrates asynchronous communication and can scale to support any organization securely. So let’s break down the components an ideal communication solution needs to sustain long-term business success and deliver great ROI.

Alignment with hybrid-remote work models

For many people, working remotely is welcomed and can increase productivity. However, the rapid shift to remote work has created the need to rethink digital workplace tools, such as asynchronous communication support, for automating and accelerating everyday tasks like writing emails, instant messages, sales proposals, and reports. Grammarly Business allows employees to work remotely or as part of a hybrid model and supports confident, more effective communication, thereby increasing productivity and reducing unnecessary costs. 

2022 The State of Business Communication
Found out what business leaders can do to recoup their share of the $1.2 trillion lost every year to ineffective communication in the US?

Simple user experience for easy adoption 

It’s essential to have applications that are easy to use and deliver a seamless experience for employees. For example, team messaging apps, automated writing apps, and web conferencing apps should be accessible from any device. As a unified platform, Grammarly Business acts as a real-time coach to help individuals and teams communicate more effectively and consistently in their workflows while improving their writing skills. 

Ensure and uphold security protocols

Meeting regulatory requirements while providing a seamless and secure user experience is essential for adding any unified communication app to your software stack. By choosing easily integrated technology, organizations of any size can maintain security and compliance. Grammarly Business ensures data security across our product ecosystem by using industry-standard data protection, a secure infrastructure, and third-party verification.

Preparing for the future of enterprise communication means changing how organizations, teams, and individuals think about communicating. As pressure increases on knowledge workers and leaders to communicate quickly and effectively while staying aligned with their brand voice, Grammarly Business facilitates better communication and connection across global teams. With flexibility, scalability, and security, Grammarly Business helps organizations sustain effective communication to stand out from the competition and drive business results. 

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