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What’s getting in the way of effective workplace communication, and what can business leaders do to recoup their share of the $1.2 trillion lost every year to ineffective communication in the US?

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Both business leaders and knowledge workers feel their team has struggled with communicating effectively over the last year. Poor communication is not only increasing stress and decreasing morale, but it is also directly impacting companies’ bottom line. This report helps leaders better understand the true impact and cost of communication today.

Abbey Lunney
Managing Director, Trends and Thought Leadership at The Harris Poll

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Not communicating
Why businesses are not communicating as well as they think.
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The warning signs of poor communication at work.
How to treat communication like it’s “the backbone of business” in a hybrid world.
Five business communication rules for the enterprise.

Dive into Business Communication Trends

The majority of knowledge workers (86%) experience communication issues at work—while spending as much as half of their workweek communicating.
The majority of business leaders (82%) are concerned about effective communication with hybrid working models.
96% of business leaders agree that “effective communication is essential for delivering the business results expected of my team in the coming year.”
1 in 5 have lost business due to poor communication at work, with the vast majority (86%) estimating the value to be $10,000 or higher, and we estimate poor communication costs US businesses as much as $1.2 trillion every year.

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