When seemingly everything—business, politics, pop culture—is content-driven, good writing is not only necessary; it’s a game-changer. For businesses, the rise of communication and digital content has increased their brand’s power and reach. What do strong brands need to succeed? A deep understanding of their customers, a clear purpose, and, most importantly, a remarkable brand experience delivered consistently across touchpoints—an “it” factor to drive brand awareness and business performance. 

The good news is that you don’t have to be a professional editor to produce excellent writing. You have tools at your disposal to strengthen your communication skills and deliver engaging messages with consistency. The Grammarly Premium offering is robust, but Grammarly Business was built for teams. Read on to learn how Grammarly Business can turn your team’s communication into a competitive advantage with features like custom style guides.

Upgrade to a living, breathing style guide 

First off, let’s acknowledge that creating a company style guide can be a time-consuming investment. When teams do have one, it’s typically a static document, locked away in the corner, used by a few teammates. It’s likely outdated and doesn’t reflect your brand.

Once we accept that, we can move toward what a style guide should be—a real-time source of truth for all writing and language representing your brand.

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Stay on-brand

Based on a survey of 3,900 professionals using Grammarly for work, 83 percent of marketers say their work is more polished and professional when using Grammarly. Whether it’s product documentation, social media, or email campaigns, it’s crucial for marketers to build trust and credibility by being clear, correct, and consistently on-brand.

A custom style guide ensures that everyone on your team is writing the company name, executive names, product names, and brand terms correctly and consistently. Grammarly Business style guides can ensure that specific words, acronyms, and titles are consistent across the different platforms, browsers, and tools your team uses. 

Deliver a reliable customer experience

Your sales team communicates with potential and existing customers every day. It’s imperative that salespeople use consistent grammar and branded language. Grammarly Premium and Grammarly Business both include features that can help you stay consistent in punctuation and spelling, tone, and delivery. You can set goals for outbound emails based on your audience, formality, tone, and intent.

95 percent of salespeople who use Grammarly say it saves them time writing and editing.

Improve writing and fluency

When using a digital writing assistant that’s checking for consistency (and correctness and clarity), your writing will improve over time. Not only will you make fewer of the same mistakes, but also everyone on your team will learn the brand rules. No, the product names don’t need to be capitalized, your CEO’s last name doesn’t include an e at the end, and the marketing team prefers you use the Oxford comma.

And as work becomes more global, your team may include folks who learned English as a second language or are English language learners. Grammarly Business is a great resource for these teammates and can help build their confidence and autonomy in written communications. In addition to learning as they use Grammarly, each teammate receives an informative (and fun!) weekly summary of their writing skills, allowing them to progressively learn how to write more effectively over time.

Help Your Team Do Their Best Work

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Track performance and improvements

Grammarly Business also provides managers and admins with access to simple reports and controls. (No, that doesn’t mean they can read every team member’s messages.) Admins can identify the team’s most common mistakes and inconsistencies and see improvements. And it’s all tracked in one central place, where they can also manage billing and add new accounts as the organization grows.

Before you pitch your manager or IT procurement team on all the ways your company can benefit from a one-stop-shop for consistent communication, let’s recap.

  • You can keep company names, terms, and style consistent with a custom style guide
  • You’ll wow your customers with consistently well-written and intentional messages
  • You can help people on your team become better writers
  • You can track performance and areas of improvement 

Grammarly Business takes everything that Grammarly Premium offers—clarity, engagement, delivery—and adds features to help get your team on the same page. With Grammarly Business custom style guides, you can avoid the occasional snafu, improve your team’s writing over time, and rest easy knowing that customers are getting a consistent, brand-aligned experience at every interaction.

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