Companies lose $75 billion per year due to poor customer service. Conversely, loyal customers spend 67% more than new ones.

That’s an undeniable impact on your bottom line. With so much competition in the market, your business’ reputation rests on how well you serve your customers, how sensitive you are to their needs, and how quickly you can make things right when a problem occurs. That’s why more and more companies are taking advantage of innovative technology applications to provide more effective and timely customer service.

Below, we explain how technology improves customer service communication. You’ll also learn how to choose the right tools to increase your business’ reach and enhance your company’s reputation.

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How technology improves customer service for the consumer

Consumers have a lot of choices. Unfortunately, one negative experience may be enough to override brand loyalty and send your customer in search of a competitor. For this reason, many companies are embracing tools and apps that help improve the customer service experience. They help by:

  • Providing convenient multichannel communications: By offering options to get in touch and communicate solutions effectively via text, chat, email, and social media, businesses can meet a variety of customer needs. Consistent multichannel communications increase availability and convenience.
  • Improving timeliness of responses: Customers expect service to be available when they need it, regardless of the hour. Technologies such as chatbots and live chat enable companies to provide an immediate response after-hours.
  • Enabling mobile self-service features: This allows for instant answers to FAQs and quick resolutions without in-person interaction. Companies can employ mobile self-service portals that allow customers to use services from any location.
  • Empowering staff: Technology applications allow companies to quickly and consistently empower their staff to eliminate ambiguity and provide optimized responses.

Expectations are high, and you may only have one chance. Using technology to make the experience positive and productive enhances your reputation.

How to improve customer service at your company with technology

Technology increases your ability to meet customers’ needs quickly and efficiently. By providing innovative tools that are compatible across platforms like Zendesk, Slack, and Grammarly Business, you extend your company’s reach and augment its capabilities. With technology, your customer service team can:

  • Receive effective location support: Technology helps you support your customer service team regardless of their location. Whether staffing a call center or supporting a globally distributed workforce, the right tools are implementable across a variety of devices and collaborative platforms. Eliminating barriers to communication enhances the overall workplace, allowing internal issues and questions to be swiftly addressed.
  • Present a unified communication strategy: Providing multichannel support means more opportunities to make things right, but it also means more opportunity for customer service-based mistakes that can result in the loss of customers. Technology-based tools allow your staff to seamlessly provide the same messaging and level of service across every unique customer interaction, ensuring that all customer-facing messaging and interactions are brand-aligned.
  • Provide prompt responses: When a customer has a question, prompt attention and an empathetic tone can ease their worry and leave a favorable impression. Tools like a digital writing assistant can help customer service reps establish the proper tone and level of formality to handle concerns and guarantee return customers.
  • Craft a customized approach: With the use of technology, customer service personnel will be able to provide a customized experience that is tailored to each individual consumer while still ensuring they’re using consistent language, tone, and voice. This balance between brand alignment and personalization is more easily achieved with the help of technology.

The only way to ensure that your teams provide the best customer service possible is to equip them with the support and tools they need to be their best. Upgrading your business’ customer service technology is an investment in your brand’s reputation and ability to retain—and attract—both consumers and employees.

Choose the right tool to amplify your customer service communication

When considering which tools can augment your business’s customer service team in a time- and cost-effective manner, Grammarly Business is a top contender. An AI-powered communication assistant designed to make your business look good, it helps your team deliver consistent language, mistake-free grammar, and the right tone in real-time—without the need for extensive training. It also provides a viable way to significantly improve performance, thereby increasing the business’ value and reputation. In fact, with support from Grammarly Business, recent clients have experienced up to a 30% increase in customer service satisfaction.

“On average, our customers improve efficiency by as much as 20%, with customer support teams seeing up to a 17% increase in customer satisfaction scores and up to 22% more support tickets responded to per hour.” —Dorian Stone, General Manager at Grammarly Business

Grammarly Business delivers a technologically advanced tool that positively promotes your brand while optimizing the customer service experience.

Interested in learning more about how technology improves customer service communication? The knowledgeable team at Grammarly Business can guide the way. Contact us to learn more or upgrade your team to Grammarly Business today.

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