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Hi again! I think I need to revise my question from earlier. I am writing a document in American english and think that I actually meant wheather or weather. For example, the boy standing by the trolley asked his mum wheather or not she would buy him a fruit bar. Or was it the boy asked weather or not he could get a fruit bar? In the document I am writing it seems like I should use wheather but I'm not sure if that has the right meaning or spelling. Please advise as to what one is correct. Thanks!

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"Wheather" is not a word.  A dictionary is a great resource for understanding different words or finding correct spellings.


"Weather" is a word, but not the one you are looking for.  This is what the weatherman reports about every night so you know if you need to wear a coat in the morning or cancel an outdoor event.


"Whether" is the word used when talking about a choice between alternatives.  

link answered Aug 21 '13 at 03:38 Patty T Grammarly Fellow

Wow I can’t believe I got a response so fast. Thank you for taking the time to answer! Oh ok. Thanks! I should probably pick up an American english dictionary. That's a great tip. I guess I could also try to look on the internet and see if there is an online dictionary resource. So that means that it is whether and weather. I would say I like snow whether or not it makes my shoes wet. And I would also say that the weather outside during the winter season is something I really love. But wheather is not an American english word at all so I will make sure I read through the rest of my material and change the useage to whether over weather and wheather. Thanks so much!

Simon HuntingtonAug 21 '13 at 03:45

You are welcome, Simon. Also note that English should be capitalized and you are spelling "usage" wrong. www.dictionary.com is an easy resource to find.

Patty TAug 21 '13 at 14:44

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