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I have checked my thesis for plagiarism in case of bad parapharasing. However, I am too scared that my work will be stored in somewhere and when my teachers check it, they will accuse me of cheating. Do grammmarly in any way store our work? Please help me, I am desperate. Thanks.

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Tina, the participants here do not work for Grammarly.  For an answer from the company, you need to contact support.  There is a link below.  That said, I can tell you that I used a similar service when I was in grad school, and there was never such a problem.  It just wouldn't make sense for Grammarly to save a copy of your paper on their servers. It is now very common for instructors to require that students check their work on a plagiarism checker.  If these programs kept a copy of each submission, then every time a teacher checked a student's paper, it would show 100% plagiarized and the software would be worthless to the school.  Worthless software doesn't sell, and Grammarly is not a charity.  So, put your fears to rest.

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Thanks a lot Patty! I feel a bit better now. I am hoping that I will not have any problems when I submit my thesis.

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I download desktop grammarly.
I could not find check icon as described


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I agreed your opinion. I did a samething plagiarism in school. But I didn't catch by teachers. As a luck, I got 28 out of 30

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My answer is based on my personal experience (I'm not a Grammarly employee) and what has been written elsewhere about the Grammarly service.


Grammarly does not keep a database of writings that have been submitted for grammar checking. Grammarly apparently uses only the publicly accessible internet for its plagarism check and does not check journals and academic publications that are behind pay-walls.


On the other hand, Turnitin -- a service used by most colleges and universities -- does keep a database of previously submitted paper. This is to defeat the traditional practice of frats/sororities to keep copies of past year term papers for resubmittal.

link comment answered Jan 15 '13 at 02:16 Jeff Pribyl Grammarly Fellow

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