Ineffective communication is one of the most pressing issues for businesses.


Last week, we hosted The Biggest Hidden Risk to Your Business, our first webinar to raise awareness and education on the true costs of ineffective communication. Dorian Stone, Head of Organization Revenue at Grammarly, invited Tonya Fowler, Global Research VP at Frost & Sullivan, to discuss:

  • How the COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we interact and communicate
  • The driving forces behind why effective communication has gone from important to critical
  • Real-world examples of the challenges posed by ineffective communication in the workplace
  • The importance of investing in the right solutions to support business communication
  • How Frost & Sullivan was able to reduce its review cycle from three hours to just one using Grammarly Business

Watch the full recording for key insights from our experts.

This webinar is just the first entry in our new Grammarly Business webinar series. If you’d like to hear about our upcoming webinars or get a demo from one of our experts, reach out to us here.

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