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As the business world shifted to fully remote and hybrid models, Zoom became one of the world’s most in-demand video communication platforms. They faced unprecedented demand to keep people connected and business moving forward.

Zoom faced a sudden wave of new audiences in new regions that needed education on how to use the platform. And they needed to keep up with the pace of global adoption. How would the company keep internal and external communications aligned in every market and tell a consistent story around the world? Zoom’s content team found themselves doing more writing gut-checks, and inconsistent terminology created bottlenecks and unnecessary rework.

With many of the Zoom team already familiar with and using Grammarly, the marketing and communications teams put Grammarly Business to the test as their real-time writing resource. AI-powered communication assistance offered suggestions to increase correctness, clarity, and engagement. Brand tones and style guides allowed Zoom to tailor Grammarly Business recommendations to their unique brand standards. This ensured consistency worldwide, saving Zoom more than 7,000 estimated hours (or $210K) on written communication.*

Keeping Pace to Deliver Value to a WFH World

The world now knows that remote and hybrid work are ways to keep teams connected and collaborating no matter where they are globally—but it wasn’t always that way. Zoom’s easy-to-use interface changed the way we work, and did so almost overnight.

The growth pushed Zoom’s lean marketing team into a race against time to onboard new staff while continuing to delight an ever-expanding user base. Rapid global hiring increased the need for consistency in messaging and brand tone. Slight differences in spelling and grammar were time-consuming for content teams to catch. For example, the Zoom team preferred American English for external communications and had to edit each instance of British English manually.

Jumping into the front lines of one of the world’s most recognized brands puts enormous pressure on new hires to get things right. A social post with a spelling mistake could potentially be seen by millions of people. Customer-facing content had to land a helpful, friendly tone across markets. The volume of content production created review bottlenecks.

“I needed to make sure that everybody was on the same page when it comes to terminology and brand voice and tone.”
Rhonda Hughes,
Global Head of Content, Social Media, and Customer Advocacy

Empowering Autonomy, Scaling Quality

Rhonda Hughes, Global Head of Content, Social Media, and Customer Advocacy, was looking for a way to scale her team’s efforts. After deciding that Grammarly Business would be a good fit, they then brought the Zoom IT team into the discussion as they saw how it would benefit a broader group of employees.

Zoom took advantage of the Grammarly Business custom style guides feature, creating over 175 rules to keep communications on-brand and consistent across the globe. The tool’s in-line style suggestions accelerated workflows, helping new hires learn about brand guidelines as they write.

“I was originally looking at Grammarly just for our social and content teams, but then I realized that it helps our broader business communicate better—and align on messaging, product terminology, and tone of voice,” said Hughes.

Now, anyone on the marketing team and in a customer-facing role has the brand-official tones and terms to properly represent Zoom. Grammarly’s in-line writing feedback on correctness, clarity, style, and tone enhanced the quality and consistency of all internal and external communication as Zoom rapidly grew, from team interactions to branded materials, social media and blog posts, and more.

“Grammarly Business is so helpful and saves the embarrassment of publishing something and getting it wrong.”
Alison Coleman,
Social Media Manager

More Efficient, Confident Global Communications

Within nine months of using Grammarly Business, the broader marketing team improved 71 percent of communications. Style guide suggestions saved over 7,000 estimated hours on written communication—a savings of $210K.* But the benefits of real-time brand coaching are far more personal than the numbers.

“Grammarly helps us be more consistent with incorporating our style guidelines across the organization. When we have fewer typos and inconsistencies in capitalization or voice and tone, it elevates our writing and leads to more polished content overall.”
Lauren Reed,
Content Strategist

With Grammarly Business, the team feels more confident in their writing and supported in their work. “I feel more confident with knowing that everyone kind of has this second set of eyes on things,” said Hughes. “One of the things that’s most fulfilling to me as a manager is seeing people build their confidence in their role and bring that creative side to life.”

*The $210K ROI estimate is derived from an employee pay rate of $30 per hour, over the 7,000 hours saved on team communication. For additional numbers on the cost of miscommunication in business, see The 2021 State of Business Communication report.

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