Effective communication across languages is crucial for successful business operations, especially in the United States, where 90% of employers have a workforce that includes non-native English speakers. Recognizing the importance of seamless cross-language communication, Grammarly has introduced the Translate app action, an in-line translation feature that empowers multilingual teams and individuals to communicate effortlessly.

The Translate app action supports translation for 19 languages: Chinese (simplified and traditional), Dutch, English (both British and American variants), French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish (with specific dialects for Argentina and Mexico), Polish, Portuguese (including Brazil’s variant), Swedish, Turkish, and Ukrainian. With this powerful functionality, Grammarly demonstrates its dedication to promoting effective communication across diverse linguistic needs, from global customer experience teams on the front lines of their companies to English language learners pursuing their higher education goals.

Welcome to the future of global communication.

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The communication challenge today

In today’s work environment, employees spend a staggering 88% of their workweek communicating, and 70% of knowledge workers have experienced an increase in the variety of communication channels over the past year. Meeting the demands of effective global communication has become increasingly complex. To add to this complexity, employees communicate across time zones and languages. Miscommunication of any kind is costly to companies and slows them down. Additionally, with 57% of business leaders focusing on operational efficiency, there is an urgency for solutions that adapt to these dynamic business needs.

A seamless solution: Translate with Grammarly

Seamless collaboration between employees across channels, languages, and regions is necessary in today’s workplace. The Translate app action eliminates the need for disruptive context switching when translation services are required. By incorporating our latest advances in generative AI, this feature enables teams and individuals to communicate more efficiently and to overcome language barriers with confidence, all within the apps where they already work.

Transforming global communication: Business and higher education applications

The Translate app action is versatile. For example, a multinational corporation may use it to enhance communication among linguistically diverse employees, or a customer experience team may use the app action to connect with clients in their native language. Additionally, marketing teams seeking to tap into new international markets can leverage this feature to localize content.

In higher education, the Translate app action opens new possibilities for supporting English language learners throughout their academic journey, ultimately enhancing their performance and future professional opportunities. It also facilitates smoother study-abroad experiences and empowers international institutions to communicate with a global audience.

The Translate app action is available to enterprise customers with Grammarly Business and colleges and universities with Grammarly for Education institution-wide subscriptions. It will be generally available in the fall of 2024. Learn more about this feature here.

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