Does your team have different communication styles? According to our figures, there is a good chance they do. Now consider the impact of different communication styles across departments. 

Your organization is made up of individuals who bring their own sets of skills and talents. Some team members may be rockstar communicators, applying empathy to every customer interaction and optimism to every new hire email. However, not everyone is comfortable adopting new writing styles (or perhaps writing at all). Let’s look at how communication varies across an organization to see why investing in a solution to keep everyone kind, consistent, and on-brand is worthwhile.

Grammarly Business understands the need for organizations to provide all employees with tools to make effective communication possible. Tools such as style guides and team-level insights provide employees with confidence and ensure a consistent experience regardless of which department customers, candidates, and partners encounter. Learn how Grammarly Business can make your team communication more cohesive, and stay tuned for part four—Driving Success Through Better Communication.

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