Generative AI has the power to transform the way work gets done. And with GrammarlyGO available for all Grammarly Business customers in beta by the end of April, everyone in your organization will move faster with enterprise-grade generative AI that works across workflows and applications.

GrammarlyGO is enterprise-grade generative AI

Generative AI holds incredible promise for organizations to accelerate high-impact work, unlock creativity, and save time and money. However, these benefits cannot be realized without technology that meets enterprise-grade standards. 

GrammarlyGO builds on Grammarly’s fourteen years of AI-enabled communication assistance trusted by over 50,000 teams. We lead the industry with technology that upholds must-have enterprise standards for businesses to move faster with AI. These standards begin with best-in-class security and privacy. But for AI to create value at scale, it must also work comprehensively across applications and within the context of the business to power improvements and make relevant suggestions.

Industry-leading security and privacy standards

GrammarlyGO upholds Grammarly’s long-standing commitment to security, privacy, and responsible AI development. Our enterprise-grade practices put our customers first, which means we will never sell customer data. GrammarlyGO and all Grammarly product offerings uphold our high security standards and suite of industry certifications, and they are certified and audited by third parties on a regular basis. 

When developing GrammarlyGO, our existing security and trust standards were upheld at every point in the product-development lifecycle. We rigorously evaluated large language model (LLM) providers with our high security, compliance, and privacy requirements as the baseline, and we only undertook the partnership opportunities that met or exceeded our stringent bar, including our industry certifications and attestations. As a result, we have selected Azure OpenAI as our LLM provider at this time. We’ll continue to evaluate providers and the latest LLM advancements and technologies to best serve our customers’ needs. 

When it comes to data storage, GrammarlyGO holds user privacy paramount. All data will not be used by 3rd parties or our LLM partner to train on. All sensitive data is anonymized and de-identified before being passed onto Azure OpenAI. In addition, we do not allow Azure OpenAI to retain or train on customer data. 

AI that works where employees work

Grammarly Business works across more than 500,000 applications and websites to enhance and accelerate workflows. With GrammarlyGO, the Grammarly experience now comes with the power of generative AI—across the digital spaces you write in most. Unlike other generative AI solutions, users don’t need to context switch to another application to leverage generative AI in support of their daily work. 

To enhance and improve productivity, AI must work where employees work. The typical professional switches applications up to thirty times per day. AI point solutions only add to this complexity and exacerbate the problem by requiring workers to leave their workflow to access yet another application or website.

AI that understands your organization 

GrammarlyGO understands situational context to instantly generate relevant text. For example, GrammarlyGO accounts for a user’s professional role and where they are writing. 

These capabilities will be further enhanced in the coming months—GrammarlyGO will receive additional business context from more sources to drive accurate, relevant, and consistent communication across every workflow and application. 

This standard is vital for organizations to capture value from generative AI. When AI possesses organizational context, the generated text is consistent with company standards and accurate to the business. At scale, team members will be able to more quickly communicate information to drive more efficient and effective collaboration across the organization. 

How can organizations capture value with GrammarlyGO?

In the digital age, communication is the way work gets done. It’s the way information is put to use to drive alignment, advance innovative ideas, and support customer needs. When an entire organization leverages generative AI to enhance the speed, quality, and delivery of their communication, the business moves faster. 

  • Marketing teams and content writers can use GrammarlyGO to produce high-quality blog and social media content faster and to brainstorm creative concepts for campaigns. 
  • Sales representatives and account managers can use GrammarlyGO to save time generating thoughtful outreach and email replies and to efficiently tailor sales pitches to different target audiences.
  • Customer support agents can use GrammarlyGO to respond to customers more quickly with a high degree of accuracy and to rewrite text to be shorter, more personable, or sound more fluent.
  • Recruiters and HR professionals can use GrammarlyGO to instantly compose job descriptions, write thoughtful email replies to candidates, and quickly draft clear and inspiring messages to the internal organization. 
  • IT and security professionals can use GrammarlyGO to quickly reply to requests and tickets or to generate internal messaging for tech and security policies. 

Access GrammarlyGO now

GrammarlyGO is now rolling out to all Grammarly Business customers. Administrators can visit the account hub and toggle off access to GrammarlyGO for the entire organization or for groups within the organization. 

If you are not yet a Grammarly Business customer and want enterprise-grade generative AI for your organization, you can sign up for a free trial or get in touch with a sales representative here.

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