“I have to tone switch significantly on a daily basis. Grammarly knows our business tone, and it also knows my tone. Grammarly helps my work be maximally impactful for every audience I address.
Danielle Donley
Instructional Designer at Emplifi

Executive Summary

Emplifi’s learning and development team needs to create engaging content for internal and external audiences. As product offerings and teams expanded with each acquisition, the team’s bandwidth became stretched, and creativity sometimes stalled, particularly when creating Learning and Development and HR compliance courses.

Emplifi’s L&D team began embracing Grammarly’s gen AI, Knowledge Share, and tone adjustments to inject creativity and efficiency into content creation and internal communication. By leveraging Grammarly, Emplifi associates save two-to-four hours each week—a 19x increase in ROI.

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Supercharging creativity and efficiency with Grammarly

As leaders on Emplfi’s learning and development team, Emily Chrystal and Danielle Donley write for a variety of audiences every day. They need to produce engaging and effective onboarding manuals and training courses for employees while keeping internal stakeholders informed over Slack and email. They also create course content for Emplifi’s customers based on an ever-expanding product catalog, so they work across product teams to decode internal names and present a unified brand to customers. Thanks to Grammarly, they can easily ensure their communication is not only mistake-free but more effective—no matter the format or audience. And when writer’s block hits, they turn to Grammarly’s generative AI for fresh perspectives, quick drafts, and alternative phrasing to keep work moving forward.

Read on for why these professionals say they never write anything without help from Grammarly.

How Emplifi’s L&D team uses Grammarly’s generative AI to save 4 hours each week

As Emplifi’s offerings and staff expand, so does the need for training courses, onboarding materials, and clear, effective product and course descriptions. Following multiple acquisitions, Chrystal and Donley’s bandwidths were at capacity and their creativity diminished as a result.

That’s when Grammarly became an indispensable tool for drafting course descriptions, scripts, storyboarding, course content, and more. To tackle the blank page, Chrystal quickly jots down all of her ideas, not worrying about crafting complete, perfect sentences or writing in the brand voice. Then she relies on Grammarly’s real-time feedback and strategic writing suggestions to make her ideas clear, concise, and on-brand.

“I write so much in a day and I don’t send anything without having Grammarly review it first,” says Chrystal. “The suggestions and rewrites are always better than my first draft.”

Refining writing isn’t the only way this L&D duo uses Grammarly’s generative AI. They can also get drafts in seconds by prompting Grammarly’s gen AI from any tool they work in.

Emplifi’s top Grammarly generative AI prompts:

  • Create an outline for a course on how to use the latest Emplifi feature.
  • Write a title and course summary.
  • Optimize this content for SEO.
  • Draft tests aimed at boosting Emplifi employee engagement on course content.
  • Draft product descriptions for the following new features.
  • Adapt this content for the following regions and audiences.

Improving internal communication to improve collaboration

Nothing Chrystal or Donley creates happens alone. They work across global teams and rely on asynchronistic written communication, like Slack, email, and shared documents to keep work moving. As Donley puts it, “A breakdown in communication can lead to a breakdown in collaboration.”

Donley says Grammarly helps her avoid workplace miscommunications—and not just because the writing is error-free. Grammarly’s strategic suggestions are trained on 15 years of professional writing best practices, so it can help upskill employees by coaching them to add things like a rationale for a decision or a deadline for a review.

Plus Grammarly’s AI provides guidance that’s specific to Emplifi and its unique organizational DNA. For instance, it takes into account the global nature of Emplifi’s workforce and nudges associates to avoid colloquialisms and slang that may confuse someone who speaks English as a second language. It can detect when there might be a gap in understanding and suggest edits based on the context and audience.

Grammarly’s team feature Knowledge Share creates a database of organizational terms and information at every employee’s fingertips, which comes in handy when Donley and Chrystal need to quickly educate new hires on Emplifi products, features, internal names, or acronyms.

“Knowledge Share has become an indispensable tool for creating clarity internally and consistency in our external communications,” says Chrystal. “It helps us ensure everyone knows what they’re talking about and we’re building on shared knowledge and understanding.”

Striking the right tone

Speaking the same organizational language is important, but it’s only part of the equation when it comes to productive collaboration and clear, effective content. Equally important is the tone or mood of the communication to inspire action and foster positive morale.

Grammarly can detect the mood or tone of a piece of writing and make suggestions based on the context and audience. This helps Donley shift her tone in a single click and helps her feel confident that her messages will land with her audience—even as she writes to several different audiences within an hour.

“Grammarly knows our business tone, and it also knows my tone,” Donley says. “It helps me nail brand voice when speaking to customers. Seriousness when compliance training is overdue. Confident, fun, and light-hearted for internal trainings.”

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