A seamless journey is the hallmark of an excellent customer experience. While many companies look to their channel strategy to deliver that seamless experience, the key actually lies in customer data.

When companies tap into that customer data and inform their channel marketing strategy around it, the possibilities become endless.

Untangling siloed data insights

The traditional channel marketing strategy heavily relies on multiple channels, with 51% of companies today using at least eight to interact with customers. Businesses generally adopt this strategy, but the data collected is relegated to their respective channels. This means that channels do not inform one another, leaving opportunities for actionable insights on the table.

For example, the customer’s buying information may be stored on the company website. But if proactive steps are not taken to integrate that information into other channels, the opportunity to create targeted ads and various content specific to the buyer goes untapped. This is just one of the many ways companies can leverage existing data to take the customer experience to the next level. So how does an organization effectively harness its data capabilities and translate them into its channel implementation strategy? The answer lies in true omnichannel marketing.

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Forging data-driven customer experiences

Organizations collect a massive amount of data around their customers at every stage of their buyer journey. In general, that stored information is the foundation to unlocking an intuitive customer experience, and an omnichannel marketing experience is the key to making that happen. Shifting to this strategy, organizations can integrate their customer data, delivering tailor-made experiences that smart buyers will gravitate toward.

Picture this; a customer spent time looking at a product on your company’s site. Leveraging the customer’s viewer history, an auto-generated email is sent to them, suggesting similar product offerings they may enjoy, inspiring them to complete the purchase. That is the value of leveraging customer data. Tailoring personalized experiences helps customers seamlessly flow through the buyer journey. The guesswork is taken out of the equation because the information is coming right from the customer. Omnichannel marketing positions the customer at the core of its strategy.

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Catering to a savvy customer base

Today’s customers, both consumers and businesses, are smart. Well-researched with high expectations, personalized customer experiences are not just ideal; they are the standard. The implications for the customer experience are major too. Customer-centric companies are 60% more profitable than companies that do not prioritize CX. More to the point, delivering a sluggish and disjointed customer experience can lead to buyer’s remorse and a damaged brand.

A savvy customer base means that companies must think one step ahead to deliver an experience that feels seamless to the end customer. This starts by streamlining existing data through an omnichannel strategy. In doing so, companies can put their data insights to work, where it communicates seamlessly within channels to create a customer-centric process.

Unlocking what’s already inside

Companies often look to technology and tools to bring something new to the table. But what if the solution is already in hand? Most companies today are sitting on a goldmine of data that they can leverage to radically transforming their customer experience. Filter through your existing data to identify the most important insights. Using those data points, develop a list of all the channels where that data could be impactful. When implemented properly, omnichannel marketing can supercharge existing data and insights to center customers at the core of its strategy, creating satisfied and loyal customers.

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