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Grammarlys summary writer helps you instantly create well-worded summaries that capture the key points of a piece of text.
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Accurately summarize any kind of content—blog posts, project proposals, reports, and more.
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Speed up your reading and writing work by using AI to identify the main points of a text.
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Choose your summarys tone and format to ensure it suits your needs.

How to Use Grammarly’s
Summarizer Generator

It’s easy to use Grammarlys AI text summarizer. Just follow the steps below.
Type or paste the original text into the input box.
Select either bullet point or paragraph format.
Choose a preferred tone and click the Summarize button.
Copy and paste the summary into your writing and fine-tune
as needed.
Cite your source and disclose your use of Grammarly's AI summarizing tool.

Find Inspiration in These AI
Summarizer Examples

These summary examples were created with Grammarly’s generative AI writing assistance. You can adjust any drafts you create to further tailor them to your needs, and remember to cite the original source you used for your summary to avoid plagiarism.

Write a summary for senior marketing leaders of these findings on the persuasive nature of VR and AR video advertisements.

Summary generated by Grammarly:

A conceptual review suggests that virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) video advertisements can persuade consumer attitudes. Incorporating VR and AR technology can help build stronger brands, engage audiences, and provide unique experiences for customers using their mobile devices.

Six research prepositions were identified to facilitate the investigation of consumer attitude persuasion based on the literature. Additionally, variables such as advertisement quality, demographic differences, and the technological context of VR and AR advertisements can facilitate central route persuasion, while source credibility, social presence, and message content in VR and AR advertisements were found to be the persuasion factors under the peripheral route. Overall, the study provides a method to examine consumer attitudes through VR and AR advertisements using the ELM theory.

*This summary came from an article titled “The persuasion effects of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) video advertisements: A conceptual review.

Write a summary of this article on medieval agricultural systems for an academic audience.

Summary generated by Grammarly:

During the Middle Ages in Europe, from the fall of the Western Roman Empire to around 1500, farming practices, crops, technology, and the agricultural economy and society are discussed in this article. The population of Europe decreased due to epidemics, climatic cooling, and frequent crop failures. Peasant farmers and serfs grew crops for themselves in the feudal system that began around 1000. The most important crops in most European regions were barley and wheat, as well as oats and rye. Oxen and horses were used as draft animals, and sheep were raised for wool and pigs for meat.

The medieval system of agriculture began to break down in the 14th century with the development of more intensive agricultural methods, and after the population losses of the Black Death in 1347–1351, more land was made available to a diminished number of farmers. To summarize, the article provides an overview of the farming practices, crops, technology, and agricultural society and economy of Europe during the Middle Ages.

*This summary came from an article titled “Agriculture in the Middle Ages.”

Who Can Use Grammarly’s AI
Summary Generator

Grammarly’s summary generator has something for everyone.
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Quickly find the main points of lengthy reports and papers.
Students talking with a laptop


Create summaries for essays and other assignments. (Remember to use Grammarlys citation tool to cite your source.)
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Summarize complex topics to make them easy for everyone
to understand.
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Distill information for educational materials like lesson plans, prompts, and presentations.
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Shorten quotes and other text for articles and identify the key points of reference materials.
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Summarize content to get your points across more clearly.
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Create multiple versions of text to find the right spin for your audience.
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Instantly condense the main points of reference materials, create summaries to explain your work, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is text summarization?

Text summarization shortens long text without changing its meaning. This allows anyone to understand the original content without actually reading it. Students often summarize text for essays, and professionals sometimes summarize text to turn long reports into a few easy-to-digest paragraphs. Tools like Grammarly’s summarizer, which uses AI technology, can help you create thoughtful summaries in less time.

What are the elements of a summary?

Good summaries all have a few things in common. Heres what to prioritize, whether writing your own short summary or fine-tuning one after using a summarizing tool:

  • Clarity and brevity: Be clear and concise. Get to the point quickly.
  • Objectivity: Stick to the facts. Avoid personal bias and opinions
  • Focus: Highlight main ideas and omit non-essential details.
  • Accuracy: Preserve the original texts main points while retaining readability.

When done well, a summary gives readers a clear snapshot of the original text without bogging them down with detail. That may sound like a lot to juggle, but Grammarly is here to help. Use Grammarlys summary maker to create a quality summary in seconds.

How should I use this summarization tool?

With the help of Grammarlys text and article summarizer, you can quickly and concisely convey the key points of any piece of English writing. Here's a step-by-step guide to using this text summarizer tool:

  1. Type or paste the text you want to summarize into Grammarly’s summarizing tool.
  2. Select your preferred format—bullet points or paragraph. Bullet points are useful when you want to quickly see the main points of a text. Paragraph format is good for summaries you’ll use in your own essays, papers, and articles.
  3. Clarify your preferred writing style. To do this, think about your audience. If you’re a student writing a research paper, you may want your summary style to be “academic” or “formal.” If you’re a professional using a summary tool on a sales report, you may want your summary style to be “persuasive” or “technical.”
  4. Click the summarize button and copy the summary.
  5. If desired, adjust your summary with Grammarly, which can help you rewrite sentences, change tone, revise summary length, and more.
  6. Cite the original source to avoid accidental plagiarism of copyrighted work. Grammarlys auto-citations feature makes this quick and simple. Additionally, Grammarlys AI guidelines feature allows you to cite the use of AI in your work in just a few clicks.

What is a text summarizer?

A text summarizer is an AI-based tool that creates summaries of any piece of writing, from lists of bullet points to news articles to research papers. This tool can help you speed up summarizing so you have more time to focus on big ideas and meaningful work.

How does this summarizing tool work?

Grammarly’s online summarizer tool uses industry-leading algorithms and machine learning to shorten text while preserving its context and meaning. Grammarly has over a decade of experience creating writing-focused, advanced AI technology, so when you use Grammarly’s online summarizing tool, you can rest assured you’re getting top-quality content.

Learn the Essentials of
Summarizing Text

Wondering how to summarize a news article? Want to master the art of creating concise summaries? The Grammarly blog is here to help. Read the articles below to learn how to create short summaries without a summary generator.

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