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Find Inspiration in These Text Summarizer Examples

These summary examples were created with Grammarly’s generative AI writing assistance. You can adjust any drafts you create to further tailor them to your needs, and remember to cite the original source you used for your summary to avoid plagiarism.

Write a summary for senior marketing leaders of these findings on the persuasive nature of VR and AR video advertisements.

Summary generated by Grammarly:

A conceptual review suggests that virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) video advertisements can persuade consumer attitudes. Incorporating VR and AR technology can help build stronger brands, engage audiences, and provide unique experiences for customers using their mobile devices.

Six research prepositions were identified to facilitate the investigation of consumer attitude persuasion based on the literature. Additionally, variables such as advertisement quality, demographic differences, and the technological context of VR and AR advertisements can facilitate central route persuasion, while source credibility, social presence, and message content in VR and AR advertisements were found to be the persuasion factors under the peripheral route. Overall, the study provides a method to examine consumer attitudes through VR and AR advertisements using the ELM theory.

*This summary came from an article titled “The persuasion effects of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) video advertisements: A conceptual review.

Write a summary of this article on medieval agricultural systems for an academic audience.

Summary generated by Grammarly:

During the Middle Ages in Europe, from the fall of the Western Roman Empire to around 1500, farming practices, crops, technology, and the agricultural economy and society are discussed in this article. The population of Europe decreased due to epidemics, climatic cooling, and frequent crop failures. Peasant farmers and serfs grew crops for themselves in the feudal system that began around 1000. The most important crops in most European regions were barley and wheat, as well as oats and rye. Oxen and horses were used as draft animals, and sheep were raised for wool and pigs for meat.

The medieval system of agriculture began to break down in the 14th century with the development of more intensive agricultural methods, and after the population losses of the Black Death in 1347–1351, more land was made available to a diminished number of farmers. To summarize, the article provides an overview of the farming practices, crops, technology, and agricultural society and economy of Europe during the Middle Ages.

*This summary came from an article titled “Agriculture in the Middle Ages.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is text summarization?

Text summarization is the process of condensing longer text into concise, essential overviews. Like a highlight reel, a summarizer extracts the pivotal information, omitting secondary details. A summary of a report on global economic trends, for example, might emphasize the key growth areas and challenges but sidestep exhaustive statistics from every region.

Students can use an essay summarizer to quickly understand broad or complex topics, while professionals may use a summary writer to distill lengthy reports into a few short paragraphs.

In the age of information overload, tools such as summary generators, article summarizers, and AI summarizers help readers quickly understand main ideas and complex topics, ultimately saving time and improving decision-making.

What are the elements of a summary?

Being able to effectively summarize text is all about capturing the main themes of an article, project plan, or monthly report without providing too much detail. Here’s what to keep in mind whether you’re writing your own summary or fine-tuning one after using a summary tool.

Clarity and brevity: Strike the right balance between clarity and brevity and get to the point quickly in your summary.

Objectivity: Stick to the facts, avoiding personal bias or other opinions.

Logical flow: Maintain the sequence of the original content.

Key focus: Highlight main ideas, omitting non-essential details.

Remember, while it’s essential to touch on the key aspects, it’s equally crucial to sidestep any extraneous information. When done right, your summary should give readers a clear snapshot of your topic without bogging them down in detail. This may sound like a lot to keep in mind, but a summary maker like the one at the top of this page is able to help you create a stellar synopsis quickly and effectively.

How should I use this summarization tool?

Using a summarizer generator is straightforward. First, paste the text you would like to be summarized into Grammarly’s summarizing tool.

Next, clarify who the audience is so your summary will have the correct writing style. From there, you can copy the summary and adjust it as needed to ensure it captures the essential points and works for your needs.

Finally, remember to cite the original source you used for your summary to avoid any accidental plagiarism of copyrighted work. Grammarly’s auto-citations feature makes this quick and simple to do. Additionally, our AI guidelines feature allows you to cite the use of AI in your work in just a few clicks.

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