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Summer 2023 Product Updates

Communication doesn’t have to be complicated. Thanks to AI and new writing innovations, Grammarly’s latest product updates make writing even easier, so you can feel confident with every word you type.
Knowledge Share product example

A simpler way to surface organizational knowledge

With Knowledge Share, you can make it easy for your teams to find and incorporate organizational information, saving them time when context-switching or searching for information.

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On-brand communication
with one click

You can now easily ensure communication is on-brand. All it takes is one click to align text to your brand’s voice and create consistent communication across the organization.

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Blog post prompt product example

Helpful writing prompts tailored to your task

Grammarly's generative AI assistance can help jump-start your productivity with prompts relevant to your specific role and use case.

Higher-quality, more descriptive rewrites

Elevate your writing in a single click with rewrites that are now more accurate and descriptive. When you tell Grammarly to improve your writing, you’ll receive higher-quality rewrites and an explanation of the changes made to your text.
Higher quality and more descriptive rewrites
1000 prompts

Increased prompts per month

Harness the power of generative AI wherever you need it with higher monthly prompt allowances. Grammarly Premium users get 1,000 prompts per month, while Grammarly Business users now get even more: teams, educational institutions, NGOs, and nonprofits get 1,000 to 2,000 prompts per user per month, while enterprise licenses get from 1,000 to 10,000 monthly prompts per user.

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Context improvement

Grammarly is now better at integrating the context of writing around your cursor to make the writing you generate more relevant. You will also receive follow-up questions when Grammarly needs more context to produce a high-quality output.
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Additional Features

Business Update
Manage groups easily

Our new Group Manager role lets certain users add and remove group members, view group analytics, and customize their group’s style guide, snippets, and brand tones, ensuring that other users don’t accidentally modify or view organizational settings.
Business Update
Understand generative AI and tones usage

Our analytics dashboard now includes generative AI usage for Grammarly Business groups and organizations so admins can see how people benefit from Grammarly's generative AI features. And a visual update and new charts make it easier to understand which tones are used by groups and the organization.
Business Update
Access Grammarly for Mac with proxy servers and VPNs

Grammarly Business customers can now access Grammarly for Mac even on computers using proxy servers and VPNs.
Business Update
Access an organizational dictionary

Add company jargon and industry terms to your organizational dictionary. Grammarly will now recognize those terms for users within your organization and stop incorrectly flagging them, saving teams time and customizing suggestions for your organization.
Business Update
Set language preferences for teams and organizations

Admins can now ensure their team or organization communicates consistently and keep everyone in sync by setting language preferences, such as preferred written dialect.

Works Where You Do

Grammarly works with your go-to apps and websites on mobile and desktop, helping you polish your words wherever you write.

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