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Spring 2023
Product Updates

Communication doesn’t have to be complicated. Grammarly’s product updates make writing even easier, so you can feel confident with every word you write.
A LinkedIn post with GrammarlyGo suggesting a message for the prompt: write a post announcing my new job as a food critic.

Writing with generative AI

Jump-start your writing with Grammarly's AI writing assistance. Help individuals and teams quickly compose and rewrite text, generate ideas and outlines, and reply in a personalized voice.

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More powerful assistance

By increasing corrected writing mistakes by 7%, increasing clarity suggestions by 14%, and reducing erroneous spelling suggestions by 15%, Grammarly's latest AI improvements give you more helpful suggestions. In addition, full-sentence rewrites now transform more writing while better refining and preserving the meaning of what you write.

Grammarly Premium suggesting copy edits to increase clarity.
A window in which Grammarly suggests changing the term congressmen to congress members in order to be more inclusive.

An easier way to be inclusive

Receive guidance on using gender and parenting language so you can write in a way that helps people feel more comfortable. These new inclusivity suggestions also include explanations to help you make the best choices in your writing.

A new way to monitor usage

By tracking usage stats for teams, owners and contributors can manage license allocations more effectively and demonstrate the value of Grammarly Business for their companies. Following Grammarly’s user-first approach to data security and privacy, individual users can also see their own usage stats going back to Grammarly Business activation.

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A line graph showing usage analytics.
A Grammarly window within an email suggesting editing copy to match the company's style guide.

More versatility for 
style guides

Help your organization stay on-brand with three replacement options for flagged vocabulary so they can choose the best suggestion based on the context of their message. New bulk-delete rules let admins select and delete multiple rules at once. Lastly, help team members stay on-brand wherever they work with style guide support on iOS through the Grammarly Keyboard.

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Accurate citations where you write

Whether you're writing in Google Docs or Microsoft Word, Grammarly will keep your citations' formatting and punctuation consistent with your chosen style guide—APA, MLA, or Chicago.

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Grammarly provides corrections to a citations in MLA style.
A list of Grammarly suggestions with the ability to be filtered by category or viewed all at once.

Suggestion list view now available for Windows and Mac

See all suggestions at once and filter them by category when writing long documents in applications including Word, Pages, and more.

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Additional Features

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New dialect setting available for Indian English

By setting your dialect to Indian English, you can support an additional 500 words, 13,000 proper nouns, and syntax patterns used in Indian English.

Set dialect

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A better way to navigate the Grammarly Editor

Our new F6 keyboard shortcut lets you get around the Grammarly Editor without using a mouse or trackpad.

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Make greater strides in Google Docs

Thanks to new performance improvements and support for pageless mode, writing with Grammarly in Google Docs is better and faster than ever.

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New Grammarly Keyboard for Android

The new Grammarly Keyboard for Android delivers increased typing speed, enhanced customization—new emoji, GIFs, and stickers—and the ability to switch between 70+ languages.

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Works Where You Do

Grammarly works with your go-to apps and websites on mobile and desktop, helping you polish your words wherever you write.

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