Benefits for Writing Centers

For those students who struggle with writing or seek to improve their writing skills, Grammarly@edu provides sentence-level writing support and serves reference content that is linked to students' actual mistakes.

Extend the Reach of Your Writing Center

Grammarly@edu is designed to effectively complement the services your writing center offers today. Sentenceworks operates just like a human tutor in that it guides students through the revision process and delivers rich instructional feedback – all through highly engaging online interface. Grammarly@edu allows your writing center to expand its scope both in terms of reach − being instantly available to every student in your institution − and in the range of services − by helping students with advanced grammar, sentence structure and other sentence-level aspects of writing.

Reaching every student

The students who require the most guidance are frequently the most reluctant to look for it. We did our best to address this issue by making Grammarly@edu readily available, and easy and engaging to use. With Grammarly@edu, you can help even those students who would not use other sources of writing support, such as private tutoring or an extra writing course.

Other benefits include:

  • Instructional Tool. Engaging user experience with instant feedback helps develop sentence-level writing skills.
  • Teachable Moments. Structured approach to paper-revision process ensures that valuable learning moments are seized upon when students proofread and revise their own work.
  • Writing Handbook. Comprehensive reference content on over 250 points of grammar delivered when students need help the most.
  • Multiple Genres. Content and feedback adapted for multiple academic disciplines and writing genres.
  • Instant Availability. Students need nothing but their email address to sign up; no training; no adoption costs; zero learning curve. Learn more


  • Engaging user experience with instant feedback
  • Comprehensive reference content covering over 250 points of grammar
  • Citation assistance to promote academic integrity
  • Content and feedback adapted for multiple academic disciplines and writing genres
  • Fully automated Web-based solution with no software to install
  • Immediate rollout across the entire institution
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