Instant Availability Across Campus

Grammarly@edu is a software-as-a-service and is instantly available to every student in your institution, without downloads or installation. There is no additional investment required to roll out Grammarly@edu across your entire institution, regardless of its size. The intuitive and engaging interface keeps training costs to a bare minimum.

Zero rollout costs. Our innovative @EDU deployment model reduces integration costs to almost nothing. Once your institution subscribes to Grammarly@edu, all students become automatically pre-registered to use the service; all they need to get started with Grammarly is an email address.

How @EDU works:

  • If your students have a common e-mail domain (e. g. student1@mail. university. edu), any student can access Grammarly@edu using his or her institutional e-mail address.
  • If your institution does not have a common e-mail domain, you can embed a link with your institution’s unique authorization code in a place where only students can access it (e. g. internal portal, Blackboard, etc).
  • If you decide to make the service available to your faculty, you can use the same methods as used with students. There is no extra cost for allowing the faculty and staff to use Grammarly@edu.

Zero learning curve. Grammarly@edu was developed with the focus on making it easy for the end-user; its user interface is intuitive and self-guiding, with built-in tips to help new users get started right away. Training is not required to use Grammarly@edu, so you can save resources, and your students can benefit from the product from day one.

Reaching every student. The students who require the most guidance are frequently the most reluctant to look for it. We did our best to address this issue by making Grammarly@edu readily available, and easy and engaging to use. With Grammarly@edu, you can help even those students who would not use other sources of writing support, such as private tutoring or an extra writing course.

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  • Intuitive web-based interface with no software to install
  • Instantly available to ALL students and faculty members
  • Saving up to 97% off individual license prices

About Grammarly

Grammarly is brought to you by a team of seasoned educational technology professionals who developed such products as Safeassignment — an innovative plagiarism prevention technology used by millions of students worldwide.


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