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Find Inspiration in These Thesis Statement Examples

These thesis statement ideas were created with Grammarly’s generative AI writing assistance. You can adjust any drafts you create to further tailor them to your needs.

Give me ideas for a thesis statement for a paper on cognitive biases.

Ideas generated by Grammarly:

1. Availability heuristic: When people overestimate the importance of information that is readily available to them, they may make decisions based on incomplete or inaccurate information. A thesis statement on this topic could explore how the availability heuristic can impact decision-making in areas such as finance, marketing, and public policy.

2. Halo effect: When people form an overall positive or negative impression of someone based on a single trait or characteristic, they may make biased judgments about that person’s abilities or qualities. A thesis statement on this topic could explore how the halo effect can influence decision-making in areas such as hiring, performance evaluations, and leadership development.

3. Anchoring bias: When people rely too heavily on the first piece of information they receive, they may make decisions that are biased or inaccurate. A thesis statement on this topic could explore how anchoring bias can impact decision-making in areas such as negotiations, pricing, and investment decisions.

Give me ideas for a thesis statement for a paper on global medical distribution.

Ideas generated by Grammarly:

1. The inadequate distribution of vaccines in impoverished areas has resulted in a resurgence of preventable diseases, highlighting the need for a comprehensive solution to ensure equitable access to vaccines worldwide. 

2. The current global medicine distribution system disproportionately benefits affluent countries, exacerbating health disparities and economic inequality and necessitating systemic changes to improve equity and access. 

3. The rising cost of essential medicines in high-income countries is a result of the pharmaceutical industry’s profit-driven approach, underscoring the need for regulatory reforms to ensure access and affordability for all.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a thesis statement?

A thesis statement is a single sentence, usually in the introductory paragraph of a paper or essay, that outlines the primary focus of the paper for the reader. A thesis statement is a crucial element of every well-written essay because it gives the reader an immediate understanding of what they can expect to read and provides clarity about the content of your work.

How long should a thesis statement be?

In learning how to write a thesis statement, length and clarity are key. Ideally, a thesis should span one to two sentences, offering a concise insight into the essay’s main argument. Here are some tips to craft it:

Determine the central idea: Understand your primary argument or message. If you’re struggling with thesis statement writer’s block, a generator tool like the one at the top of this page can be helpful.

State your stance: Go beyond the topic to assert your perspective.

Ensure focus and specificity: Keep it precise, avoiding broad or ambiguous statements.

Revisit as needed: As your essay develops, ensure your thesis remains aligned.

If you find yourself at a creative roadblock, turning to a thesis statement creator can offer valuable ideas to get you started.

How should I start a thesis statement?

Starting a paper might feel overwhelming, but having a solid thesis statement is the first step in the writing process. If you don’t know how to start a thesis statement, though, it’s often helpful to use a thesis generator for initial ideas. A thesis maker tool can spark ideas that you can eventually shape into a cohesive thesis statement. Here are a few tips:

Frame with a question: Try switching your thesis statement format by turning your topic into a query. For example, “Why is remote work popular?” You can then answer it with, “Remote work offers unparalleled flexibility,” which would be your thesis statement.

Use contrast: Highlight differences or juxtapositions. “Unlike traditional jobs, remote roles provide autonomy.”

Be direct and focused: Try not to get lost in the details. Start with a clear statement about your main point that provides an overview of your paper.

Where does a thesis statement go?

A thesis statement typically lives at the end of the introduction paragraph, serving as a clear roadmap for the body of your paper. It’s vital to position it prominently for easy recognition and to underscore its significance. Revisiting your thesis statement in the conclusion as well can reinforce the main argument. Proper placement ensures consistent focus and clarity in your paper.

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