North America
Compensation Zones

Grammarly’s U.S. base compensation is set according to where a team member lives. Team members who live within 50 miles/80km of Hub locations are considered ”Zone 1”, and all other locations that we support employment are considered “Zone 2”. In Canada, all locations where we support employment are considered “Zone 1”. All team members are also offered an excellent benefits package regardless of location.
Map of North America

United States Compensation Differentials

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Zone 1

(within 50 miles/80 km of Hub locations)
- San Francisco, CA
- New York City, NY
- Seattle, WA

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Zone 2

All other supported Continental US locations more than 50 miles/80km from the Zone 1 Hub locations

Canada Compensation Differentials

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All Zone 1

Grammarly currently supports employment in the following North American locations:

- British Columbia
- Ontario
United States
- Arizona
- California
- Colorado
- Connecticut
- District of Columbia
- Florida
- Georgia
- Idaho
- Illinois
- Indiana
- Kentucky
- Maine
- Massachusetts
- Minnesota
- Nevada
- New Jersey
- New York
- North Carolina
- Ohio
- Oregon
- Pennsylvania
- South Carolina
- Tennessee
- Texas
- Utah
- Vermont
- Virginia
- Washington

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