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Customer attention requires stand-out communication.

Forbes cites that individuals view up to 10,000 marketing messages per day.

Grammarly Business Can Help Your Team:

Rephrase Sentences

Cut through the noise

Brightening messages with engaging language captures attention more quickly.
Strike the right tone

Improve brand perception

Clear messaging promotes a high-quality public image that remains true to your brand.
Style Guide

Stay consistent

Keep a steady hand on your campaigns, perfecting every message in the same polished style.
Works across platforms

Scale across platforms

Grammarly Business works with LinkedIn, Workday, Lattice, Slack, and hundreds of other apps and sites on desktop, laptop, and mobile.

It's easy to customize the suggestions our team receives with the words and styles that are important to us. The style guide ensures that our message is always on brand and coming across the right way, no matter the channel we use to communicate.

Janine Anderson
Managing Editor at Zapier

Why Marketing Leaders Love Grammarly Business



Grammarly simplifies messages and encourages marketers to write in the active voice.
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Grammarly brightens communications by suggesting synonyms that capture a reader’s attention.


Grammarly supports companies in communicating across channels with credible, professional writing.

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