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The user composes a project proposal using Grammarly, User can use Grammarly to make text more persuasive,user can use writing suggestions to add a deadline to a Slack message being sent

Works Where You Do

Grammarly works in over 500,000 apps and websites—more than any other AI writing tool—so you can enjoy real-time writing suggestions wherever you type. Use Grammarly to take the next step in your workflow without switching apps, opening a new tab, or losing focus.

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Fast-Track Every Stage of the
Writing Process

Jump-start any document with generative AI, get real-time feedback, and revise, rewrite, and reply in a few clicks, not a few hours.

Overcome writer's block

Tackle the blank page with generative AI that delivers ideas, outlines, and new perspectives wherever you write.
User starting with a blank Google Doc and using Grammarly to draft a project outline

Make your ideas clear

Rewrite sentences in a single click with suggestions on conciseness, clarity, and brevity.
User highlighting long text on LinkedIn and using Grammarly to shorten it

Expedite your email replies

Get to inbox zero with the help of AI that summarizes emails and writes replies for you.
A user using Grammarly to instantly reply to an e-mail in Gmail using generative AI

Share your most polished work

Quickly fix easy-to-miss mistakes, commonly confused words, misplaced punctuation, and more so you can focus on ideas.
Grammarly corrects your usage of "less" to "fewer"

Come across as confident and professional

Get help sounding persuasive, personable, and more with tone suggestions that help you hit the right note.
Grammarly Premium helps you with tone suggestions

Grammarly allows me to get those communications out and feel confident that I’m putting my best foot forward. Grammarly is like a little superpower, especially when I need to be at 110%.

Jeanette Stock
Co-founder of Venture Out

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