6 Words that Super-Spellers Love

by • May 26, 2015
Tchotchke definition artistic definition.

There aren’t many things more delightful to word nerds than the effervescence of a fun word rolling off the tongue. Furthermore, word lovers often have a few favorite words that are particularly affecting. For this year’s spelling bee, Scripps asked all those spelling geniuses which words they… MORE →

5 Reading Suggestions for Bike-Lovers

by • May 15, 2015
5 Reads That Feature Cyclists

There are few things that unite people as much as a shared passion. Today, in honor of “Bike to Work” Day, we want to combine two loves — cycling and reading. We found a mix of fiction and nonfiction texts that will not only inspire your bicycle experiences but will also give you perspective on how cycling has been perceived throughout history.