Writing Tip no. 25

When you just can’t seem to get the words to flow, try talking it out. Read the previous sections aloud (with minimal editing) and talk …

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Weekly Grammar Tips

Writing Tip no. 24


It can be easy to get distracted and find things to do that are more urgent than writing. Cut out the excuses and distractions when …

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Writing Tip no. 23

Write badly.

Your first go at anything you write is going to be awful. If you focus on getting the writing out rather than on making it …

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Weekly Grammar Tips

Writing Tip no. 22


When you have got a lot of information to cover for a topic or a character, it can be tempting to lay all that down …

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How To Survive Midterms

Most students dread exams. Have you ever wondered why? After all, they took notes as they attended class every day. They spent hours studying the …

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