Know Your Latin: Alumni

by • May 27, 2015

Graduation season is upon us. While some graduates will be asking the question, “What should I do with my life?” others will be asking something a little more straightforward: Am I an alumni, alumna, alumnae, or alumnus? While we can’t tell you what the next steps on… MORE →

Say What?! Meet the Interrobang.

by • May 27, 2015
How to use the interrobang punctuation mark

Few punctuation marks have as exciting a name as the interrobang. But what does the interrobang do? The interrobang combines the question mark (?) and the exclamation point (!) into a single punctuation mark. It conveys a question asked in an excited way. For example: Are you… MORE →

5 Ways to Write Concisely

by • May 27, 2015
If it is possible to cut a word out, always cut it out. Orwell quotation

Nobody writes a perfect first draft. Whether you love the red pen or hate it with a passion, your first draft will require some polishing. The trick is to write prose that’s brilliant yet brief, colorful yet concise. Here are five tips for writing concisely. Cut Weasel… MORE →